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# SX1278
STM32 HAL driver for LoRa SX1278 module

This is a driver for wireless LoRa module -- SX1278.

The initial work was based on DORJI.COM sample code and [SX1278_LoRa](

# About the driver

The driver was written in **C**. It has a hardware abstraction layer for easy porting to others MCUs.
Also the hardware functions are defined as *__weak* so there is no need to change the driver files themselves.
The driver is using HAL to communicate between STM32 SPI periperal and LoRa module.

# Example

There is also an example available at [SX1278-example repository](
The example project was prepared for STM32F1 MCU in SW4STM32.

# Final remarks

You can visit [my blog]( to read more about the SX1278 modules or my other projects.

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