@wduquette wduquette released this Nov 8, 2014 · 32 commits to master since this release

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Significant Changes:

  • There is now a minimally complete user's guide.
  • Quill can now format section-numbered documents as well as man pages.
  • Quill build products reference the full platform string. I.e., Quill now knows
    the difference between 32-bit and 64-bit Linux.
  • quill build all: One command now serves to:
    • Check the project's dependencies
    • Run the project's tests
    • Format the project's documentation
    • Build the project's libraries
    • Build the project's applications for the current platform.
    • Build the distribution .zip file(s) for the current platform.
  • quill build for: Following quill build all, Quill can now build the
    project for any platform for which a basekit available, building the
    project's applications and distribution files for the platform with
    one command.
  • quill basekit: The user can list basekits available locally and at
    teapot.activestate.com, and retrieve basekits for local use.
  • quill teapot fix: Quill has a new scheme for managing the permissions on the
    local teapot that does not require running Quill with sudo. It should also
    work better on Linux.
  • Considerable work on the internals.

Issues Closed in Quill v0.3.0

  • #39 quilldoc(n): xref of top-level section includes erroneous "."
  • #38 quilldoc(n): 'section' stack traces if prior section cannot be found.
  • #37 quilldoc(n): xref fails with an error on unknown xref ID
  • #35 Quill doesn't update "package require" version for unprovided packages
  • #30 Default Distribution set
  • #29 New project has zero test failures
  • #28 table(n) should be dictable(n) refactor
  • #27 'quill env' should use dictable for formatting output.
  • #26 'package require' in project.quill results in "unexpected error"
  • #25 quillinfo(n) has no man page
  • #24 Application library packages should be "app_name", not "nameapp".
  • #23 'quill new' adds docs/index.html, not docs/index.quilldoc.
  • #22 Use relative paths with tclapp
  • #21 Dist names with "%platform" are expanded too early
  • #20 'quill build' error checking is bad.
  • #19 'quill test' on multiple test targets
  • #16 'quill teapot' reports that teapot is not linked when it is.
  • #14 test pathfind-1.1 and 1.3 fail on Windows
  • #13 quill build all