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import tensorflow as tf
x1 = tf.truncated_normal([200, 100], name='x1')
x2 = tf.truncated_normal([200, 100], name='x2')
def fully_connected(x, output_dim, scope):
with tf.variable_scope(scope, reuse=tf.AUTO_REUSE) as scope:
w = tf.get_variable('weights', [x.shape[1], output_dim], initializer=tf.random_normal_initializer())
b = tf.get_variable('biases', [output_dim], initializer=tf.constant_initializer(0.0))
return tf.matmul(x, w) + b
def two_hidden_layers(x):
h1 = fully_connected(x, 50, 'h1')
h2 = fully_connected(h1, 10, 'h2')
with tf.variable_scope('two_layers') as scope:
writer = tf.summary.FileWriter('data/graphs/fully_connected', tf.get_default_graph())
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