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from collections import Counter
import random
import os
import sys
import zipfile
import numpy as np
import tensorflow as tf
import utils
def read_data(file_path):
""" Read data into a list of tokens
There should be 17,005,207 tokens
with zipfile.ZipFile(file_path) as f:
words = tf.compat.as_str([0])).split()
return words
def build_vocab(words, vocab_size, visual_fld):
""" Build vocabulary of VOCAB_SIZE most frequent words and write it to
file = open(os.path.join(visual_fld, 'vocab.tsv'), 'w')
dictionary = dict()
count = [('UNK', -1)]
index = 0
count.extend(Counter(words).most_common(vocab_size - 1))
for word, _ in count:
dictionary[word] = index
index += 1
file.write(word + '\n')
index_dictionary = dict(zip(dictionary.values(), dictionary.keys()))
return dictionary, index_dictionary
def convert_words_to_index(words, dictionary):
""" Replace each word in the dataset with its index in the dictionary """
return [dictionary[word] if word in dictionary else 0 for word in words]
def generate_sample(index_words, context_window_size):
""" Form training pairs according to the skip-gram model. """
for index, center in enumerate(index_words):
context = random.randint(1, context_window_size)
# get a random target before the center word
for target in index_words[max(0, index - context): index]:
yield center, target
# get a random target after the center wrod
for target in index_words[index + 1: index + context + 1]:
yield center, target
def most_common_words(visual_fld, num_visualize):
""" create a list of num_visualize most frequent words to visualize on TensorBoard.
saved to visualization/vocab_[num_visualize].tsv
words = open(os.path.join(visual_fld, 'vocab.tsv'), 'r').readlines()[:num_visualize]
words = [word for word in words]
file = open(os.path.join(visual_fld, 'vocab_' + str(num_visualize) + '.tsv'), 'w')
for word in words:
def batch_gen(download_url, expected_byte, vocab_size, batch_size,
skip_window, visual_fld):
local_dest = 'data/w2v/'
utils.download_one_file(download_url, local_dest, expected_byte)
words = read_data(local_dest)
dictionary, _ = build_vocab(words, vocab_size, visual_fld)
index_words = convert_words_to_index(words, dictionary)
del words # to save memory
single_gen = generate_sample(index_words, skip_window)
while True:
center_batch = np.zeros(batch_size, dtype=np.int32)
target_batch = np.zeros([batch_size, 1])
for index in range(batch_size):
center_batch[index], target_batch[index] = next(single_gen)
yield center_batch, target_batch
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