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This is Taper's personal website for introduction to my research interests. My name is Chen Hongxiang (陈鸿翔), and you may found me by nickname Taper/we.taper/we-taper/etc. on various sites.

I am now an undergrad in SUSTech (formerly SUSTC) in mainland China. I like physics and I really love to think as a philosopher. I wonder in this world of complex phenomena, what kind of mathematics is most powerful in dealing with them.

I studied Computer Science in my freshman year, which gave me more spirits than actual skills (as I am gradually forgetting the Java language). But thanks for my previous programmer experience, I love doing everything in computer now, ans have a open mind to all new theories.

My research interests

  • Condensed Matter Theory

    Topological Insulators: Why they exists? What is the connection between them? How to classify them?

  • Topology

    Topology is fascinating way to extract characteristics of homeomorphic/homotopic classes of objects. Can this idea be more useful in the study of complex system? Can it be used to study phases?

  • Biophysics.

    The traditional study of Biology has been centred around experiments. Now we want Biology to be more predictive, more quantitative, be more under our control. How will this be done? Will new physics/mathematics arise out of this study?

What you can find

  • My C.V. (Last update: Jan 5th, 2016)
  • My previous works (To be added)


  • My Drafts:

    All my draft notes. They are put under Creative Commons Attribution-ShareAlike 4.0 International License. In simple words, you may use them, edit them and reproduce based on them given that you give attributions appropriately and share it in the same License.

  • My blog:

    I am sorry that I have not been updated it since I changed to physics. I hope I will write new things, share more thoughts this year (2017).

Why not use GitHub pages

I tried GitHub pages for a while, and find it quite hard to maintain for a long time. So to follow the K.I.S.S. principle, I came up with the idea of this site. This site has the advantage that:

  1. Directory is one plain but direct representation of any tree-like hierarchy.
  2. Git repository is unbelievably easy to manage.