A small collection of color schemes for ActiveState Komodo IDE/Edit
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A small collection of color schemes I have created, primarily for my own use, for ActiveState Komodo IDE/Edit.

Solaron-Light and -Dark

Solaron is a pair of schemes based on Ethan Schoonover's Solarized palette. In most areas, these schemes stay true to that palette, but there are a few areas where I have intentionally differed for either greater or lesser contrast (e.g., choosing a color that is the mathematical midpoint between two greys within the Solarized palette) and based on differences between how Komodo tokenizes languages and renders colors (compared to other editors such as TextMate, Sublime, and Atom). I've done a bit of tuning within the schemes, trying to configure colors for consistency across syntaxes for languages and filetypes I frequently work in, and based on my own preferences and habits.

Preview of Solaron-Light color scheme for Komodo

Preview of Solaron-Dark color scheme for Komodo

Base16r-Default-Dark, -Ocean-Dark, and -Tomorrow-Dark

Base16r is a set of schemes based on some of Chris Kempson's Base16 palettes, with the "r" in the name to differentiate these from other Base16-based schemes. As with Solaron, above, these stay true in most areas to their respective palettes, but I have intentionally tweaked each of them in a few areas for consistency with each other and/or for different levels of contrast.

Preview of Base16r-Default-Dark color scheme for Komodo

Preview of Base16r-Ocean-Dark color scheme for Komodo

Preview of Base16r-Tomorrow-Dark color scheme for Komodo

Minimal-Light and -Dark

Minimal is not a pair of schemes I would ever use for "real work". I have found that when I start working on a new color scheme I like to have a clean slate where I know there aren't odd colors left hanging around in corners of the scheme (which can easily happen if I start with an existing theme). Minimal is my clean slate...

Preview of Minimal-Light color scheme for Komodo

Preview of Minimal-Dark color scheme for Komodo

Additional Notes


All of these schemes are configured to use David Jonothan Ross's Input Mono typeface. If you don't have that face installed, you will almost certainly want to tweak any of these schemes to use your preferred typeface.


Installing color schemes in Komodo is as simple as downloading the .ksf file, then dragging and dropping it on the running Komodo program. Alternatively, download the .ksf file and move it into the ./schemes/ folder within your Komodo profile folder, then restart Komodo. See this post from the Komodo forums for the location of Komodo profile folders on various operating systems.

Update History

  • 2017-01-17: Solaron and Base16r schemes: Node.js is now colored identically to JavaScript.
  • 2017-01-15: Started work on updating these schemes for more complete compatibility with Komodo v10, including the user interface. Interim commits -- starting with Solaron-Light -- in the coming weeks will cover all of the schemes.
  • 2016-02-10: Removed the additional line-spacing setting added in previous update (that was just a bad idea for inclusion here).
  • 2015-11-05: Updated internal version based on Komodo v9.3 release; added default line-spacing setting for better appearance.
  • 2015-04-29: Tweaks to Solaron and Base16r schemes to color operators subtly differently from default foreground color.