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DEFCON 26 Workshop - Building Autonomous AppSec Pipelines with the Robot Framework

Laptop Requirements

  • Intel i5 or above, 8GB+ RAM required, at least 50GB HDD
  • If you are using a Win Laptop, you will need to enable virtualization. Please see here
  • Please ensure that you install the latest version of Oracle VM VirtualBox on your host computer
  • Please ensure that you are able to connect to the WiFi. We will be downloading small third party packages for this class
  • Please ensure that the VM is imported and installed on your Virtualbox

Import the VM

  • Download the VM from here:

  • Open Virtualbox and open the File Menu

  • Click on the Import Appliance option

  • Once done, select the .ova file that you have downloaded and import the appliance

  • Make sure you give the appliance at least 2048 MB of RAM while importing

  • Wait for the import process to complete. This may take several minutes.

  • Select the VM and click on the start arrow to start the Virtual Machine, please wait while it boots. Please click through any notifications you might get

  • If all goes well, you should directly booted into a Desktop environment that looks like this: That's it! You're all set!

  • Please follow the instructions in the instructions directory in class - TBD