memcached web based monitoring application developed wtih ruby on rails, anyone can install on their own server.
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memcached web monitoring tool

memcached web monitoring tool is rails 2.1 based application thats help you to monitor your single memcached server stat.
list of the available features -

  • graphs for memory usages
  • graphs for hits/misses
  • graphs for read/write status
  • cached item increment
  • list of server statistical parameters in a table view.
  • flush all existing caches
  • remove a specific cache by give cache key

how to install

  • download and unzip memcached web monitoring tool
  • edit the config/database.yml, the config/settings.yml and config/cache-config.yml files
  • rake db:migrate
  • ensure your memcached server is running.
  • start rake statistics:collector RAILS_ENV=production
  • now run script/server to run rails server process.
  • congrats!! you should now browse http://localhost:3000

screen snaps

graphical data

recent statistical data

tools tab


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