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WP User Frontend - Membership, Profile, Registration & Post Submission Plugin for WordPress

Contributors: tareq1988, nizamuddinbabu, wedevs
Donate link:
Tags: Forms, registration, profile-builder, login, membership
Requires at least: 4.0
Tested up to: 5.4.2
Requires PHP: 5.6
Stable tag: 3.3.1
License: GPLv2
License URI:

Frontend post submission, guest post, membership, login, registration and profile builder. The best frontend plugin for WordPress.


WP User Frontend is one of the best frontend builder plugin for WordPress. It includes frontend dashboard, frontend editor & publishing, and frontend uploader for WordPress user profile, post submissions, and memberships.


#1 Frontend Post Submission, Membership, Profile Builder & WordPress Editor Plugin

Unlimited post type form creation. The forms give users the ability to create new posts, edit their profile all from the site frontend, so that the user does not need to enter the backend admin panel to do action.

Update Profile from the Frontend

This WordPress Profile Plugin allows registered users to edit their profile using default fields from frontend without having backend access. Unlimited fields can be added using PRO.

Flexibility for admins

Admins can manage users from frontend as well as configure from backend those who can access the dashboard.

Files & attachments

Users can upload attachments from the frontend. Users can also upload post featured image. Image upload on post content area

Drag-n-drop form builder

Easily fill your form with fields using drag-n-drops and real-time preview that updates as you make changes. You can see how your form will look like eventually from the dashboard!

Publish your WPUF forms using Gutenberg

Easily add your published forms in Gutenberg editor with the WPUF block. When users want to publish forms on a page, they can simply select it from the drop-down included in the dedicated WPUF block for Gutenberg. The entire form automatically renders within the editor as well as on page. It’s much easier than manually copying and pasting shortcodes! Saves you a ton of time and clicks. But you can also do it the old style using the shortcodes block.

Use anywhere easily with shortcodes

All of the forms get an unique shortcode which you can paste on any page and the form will generate without breaking the style of your theme.

WordPress Guest Post Submission

Enable guests to post from your site frontend without registering with WP User Frontend, the WordPress User Registration Plugin. Choose to require name and email address to automatically register and allow them to comment on their posts. Allow email verification for guests.

Role Base Support

Enable certain user roles to make posts, create unauthorized message you want to show.

Submit and update anything from Frontend

Users can upload files, fill out forms, even entry data with multiple choice menus. Allow users to update their posts from the frontend.

Build customized forms with custom post types

Taking the advantage of custom post types will allow you to work on any platform. WP User Frontend is WooCommerce supported, so you can also create products using our forms.

Set post status, post message, update post button text

Assign separate default status for a new and edit post, the message you want to show to users after form submission, and change the text of submit buttons as you like.

Custom Redirection after login and submission

Redirect users to another page after logging in, form submission or edit form submission.

Earn with subscription based posting

Create subscription packs to take “Pay Per Post” payments. Submissions posted via these subscriptions have duration and posting limits.

Schedule forms & restrict entries

Choose to keep your form active for certain dates. Set a message when form expires. And limit entries to as many as required. The PRO version also allows setting up post expiration.

Get reminded with emails

Trigger emails on multiple events like new form submission, guest posts, publish notification and new subscriptions. With PRO, more email notifications can be set up.

Integrate with Advanced Custom Fields (ACF)

Connect form fields with ACF fields to view user submissions in ACF format from dashboard. Allow users to edit fields from frontend.

Create subscription packs, pay-per-posts & receive payments from users

Create and subscribe users to membership packs, allow pay per post, force subscription package purchase, and set fallback pay per post charges with this WordPress Membership Plugin.

Manage Transactions

Approve or make pending membership requests. View all details from a single screen.

Manage or Import/Export forms

Install required WPUF pages in a click, delete post forms, registration forms or subscriptions in one go. Import forms from other places and export forms as JSON.

Custom Login/Registration Form

This WordPress Registration Form Plugin also allows to build registration form using default forms. With PRO, more fields can be added.

Display Custom Fields Data in Post

Custom fields data are viewable to visitors on frontend on single post pages. Admins can disable this feature also.

How to download and install WPUF FREE


Checkout all WP User Frontend resources:

Try an Online Demo of the FREE & PRO version.


  • Italian translation by Gabriele Lamberti
  • Persian translation by Abolfazl Esmailinejad
  • Turkish translation by mugurcagdas

WP User Frontend PRO – Premium Features

  • 20+ Modules [BuddyPress, Paid Memberships Pro, Social Login, User Directory, User Activity, Stripe, MailChimp, Private Messaging, HTML Email Templates & more]
  • Content restriction
  • Menu restriction
  • Post expiration facility
  • Conditional logic
  • Profile form builder
  • 18 custom fields
  • Custom taxonomy support
  • Post update notification
  • Multistep forms
  • Payment invoice
  • Coupons
  • Different profile edit forms for different user roles
  • Profile fields are also generated on the backend
  • Custom taxonomies
  • Taxonomy restriction
  • Form layouts and form templates
  • WooCommerce support
  • Registration form builder
  • Assign new roles to forms
  • Captcha support
  • Update user profile information from frontend
  • Avatar upload
  • User profiles in backend
  • Exclusive contents
  • Frontend Customizer
  • More email notification options
  • Tax in payments
  • Vendor registration template for Dokan, WC Marketplace, WC Vendors

Premium Modules

Check out the full feature list and pricing plans here. of the Pro version.

Checkout Our Other Products

Privacy Policy

WP User Frontend uses Appsero SDK to collect some telemetry data upon user's confirmation. This helps us to troubleshoot problems faster & make product improvements.

Appsero SDK does not gather any data by default. The SDK only starts gathering basic telemetry data when a user allows it via the admin notice. We collect the data to ensure great user experience for all our users.

Integrating Appsero SDK DOES NOT IMMEDIATELY start gathering data, without confirmation from users in any case.


After having installed the plugin:

  1. Click "Install WPUF Pages" after installation for automatic settings installation.
  2. Create a form from the form builder. Get the shortcode for a form. Copy and paste that shortcode to a page.
  3. Create a new Page “Edit” for editing posts and insert shortcode [wpuf_edit]
  4. Create a new Page “Profile” for editing profile and insert shortcode [wpuf_editprofile]
  5. To add Login feature, use the shortcode: [wpuf-login]
  6. To enable a registration form in the frontend, use the shortcode: [wpuf-registration]
  7. Create a new Page “Dashboard” and insert shortcode [wpuf_dashboard] To list custom post type event, use [wpuf_dashboard post_type="event"]
  8. Set the Edit Page option from Others tab on settings page.
  9. To show the subscription info, insert the shortcdoe [wpuf_sub_info]
  10. To show the subscription packs, insert the shortcode [wpuf_sub_pack]
  11. For subscription payment page, set the Payment Page from Payments tab on settings page.




  1. Create Forms with Powerful Builders
  2. 25+ Customizable Form Elements
  3. Fully Customizable Form Elements
  4. Frontend View of Your Forms
  5. Get Detailed List of your Forms
  6. Let Your Users View Details of Their Posts
  7. Let Your users Edit Their Profiles from Frontend
  8. Allow Users to Buy Subscription Packs
  9. Create Subscription Packs Easily
  10. Configure Your Subscription Packs
  11. Set Up Pricings for Subscription Packs
  12. Show Subscribed Subscriptions Packs
  13. Customizable Form with Individual Post Settings
  14. Customize Your Post on the Fly
  15. Control and configure everything from
  16. Dashboard Settings to Configure Posts
  17. Login, Restriction, Frontend Security
  18. Set Payment Related Options

Frequently Asked Questions

Can I create new posts from frontend


Can I Edit my posts from frontend


Can I delete my posts from frontend


Can I upload photo/image/video


I am having problem with uploading files

Please check if you've specified the max upload size on setting

Why "Edit Post" page shows "invalid post id"?

This page is for the purpose of editing posts. You shouldn't access this page directly. First you need to go to the dashboard, then when you click "edit", you'll be redirected to the edit page with that post id. Then you'll see the edit post form.


v3.3.1 (16 June, 2020)

  • Tweak - Use common names for Ivory Coast, North Korea and Sourth Korea instead of their official names
  • Fix - Condition to use default avatar
  • Fix - Make Email and URL fields clickable
  • Fix - Redirect after user login
  • Fix - Sanitize textarea field data
  • Fix - Missing colon to email, URL, text and textarea labels when renders their data
  • Fix - Prevent showing empty labels for fields that have render_field_data method

v3.3.0 (11 June, 2020)

  • Enhancement - Add Namibian Dollar in currency list
  • Enhancement - Add sync values option for option data fields
  • Tweak - Allow uploading image that having filesize meets php ini settings
  • Tweak - Limit the selection of one image at a time
  • Tweak - Use file name and size to generate hash to prevent duplicant image upload
  • Tweak - Sanitize text and textarea field data
  • Tweak - Show label instead of values for radio, checkbox, dropdown and multiselect data
  • Fix - Saving custom taxonomies for type text input
  • Fix - Admin settings link for recaptcha helper text
  • Fix - Undefined name property for Custom HTML fields
  • Fix - Delete attachment process
  • Fix - Missing billing address in invoice PDF
  • Fix - Showing country field value in frontend post content
  • Fix - Avatar size display not complying with admin settings size
  • Fix - Display default avatars on admin settings discussion page
  • Fix - Redirect to subscription page at registration
  • Fix - Error notice regarding registration page redirect
  • Fix - Escaping html in registration errors
  • Fix - Default login redirect link
  • Fix - Implementing default WP login page override option
  • Fix - Transparent background of autosuggestion dropdown

v3.2.0 (14 April, 2020)

  • Improvement: Import forms system
  • Improvement: Password reset system
  • Improvement: Updated url validation regex to support modern tlds
  • Fix Export WPUF forms individually from admin tools page
  • Fix Subscription cycle label translation issue
  • Fix ACF integration for checkbox fields
  • Fix Illegal string offset warning while updating settings
  • Fix Conditional logic for Section Break field
  • Fix Subscriptions cannot be deleted from backend
  • Fix A regression regarding saving checkbox data
  • Fix Default value of multi-select fields is not showing

v3.1.18 (13 March, 2020)

  • Improvement: Hide post edit option when subscription is expired
  • Improvement: Check files to prevent duplicity in media upload
  • Improvement: Added Jordanian Dinar to currency list
  • Improvement: Update post edit button display logic
  • Improvement: Update some notice messages
  • Improvement: Made some query and asset loading improvements
  • Improvement: Refactor address fields in Account section & Payment page
  • Improvement: Enqueue color picker only in some WPUF pages
  • Improvement: Update Paypal payment gateway
  • Improvement: Inconsistency with the Shop Name & Shop URL in WPUF Vendor registration form
  • Fix: Prevent taxonomy and category fields from being duplicated
  • Fix: Selected form export issue
  • Fix: Category column issue in dashboard
  • Fix: Taxonomy checkbox checked not showing
  • Fix: Fatal error after updating privacy policy page
  • Fix: Fixed some instances of wrong escaping
  • Fix: Submit issue with image and reCaptcha
  • Fix: Expired subscription pack throwing error on dashboard
  • Fix: Photo insert option in content editor and feature image field is not working on windows server
  • Fix: HTML Tags are not rendering the HTML format for the Radio or Checkbox Field
  • Fix: Country List field issue in frontend
  • Fix: Multi-column Repeater field data saving issue
  • Fix: Multistep form conflict with Elementor
  • Fix: Compatibility issue with ACF date time field
  • Fix: Meta field issue with multiple images
  • Fix: Category type as "Text Input" is not saving.
  • Fix: Some warnings in user directory
  • Fix: File upload can fail in some cases
  • Fix: Media title, caption & description not saving
  • Fix: Address Field not rendering properly in email notification
  • Fix: Checkbox data not saving from WPUF Custom Fields metabox
  • Fix: Workaround for The Events Calendar venue and organizer fields in metabox

v3.1.17 (31 January, 2020)

  • Fix: some regressions after phpcs fixes

v3.1.16 (17 January, 2020)

  • Fix: Photo insert option in content editor
  • Fix: Subscription page is not showing the content/package description as formatted content
  • Fix: Predefined form is not saving on the WPUF form page's backend area
  • Fix: WPUF Custom HTML field is not saving the data
  • Improve: Improve Code Quality

v3.1.15 (14 January, 2020)

  • Fix: update url validation
  • Tweak: Added privacy policy info in setup wizard for admin

v3.1.14 (13 December, 2019)

  • Fix: Fixed a warning while in block editor
  • Fix: Add better URL validation
  • New: Added two filters on transaction
  • Fix: Notification Checkbox not working
  • Fix: Fixed some Column field issues

v3.1.13 (18 November, 2019)

  • New: Added Arabic translations.
  • Fix: Free subscription info was not showing in dashboard.
  • Fix: Fixed subscriptions can't be assigned from user profile due to a regression.
  • Fix: Fixed some column field issues. closes #734
  • Fix: Guest post hook was not working properly. Closes #704
  • Fix: Fixed missing default value for post content rich text editor. Closes #730

v3.1.12 (17 October, 2019)

  • Fix: Nonce not verify on login

v3.1.11 (02 October, 2019)

  • Feature: Option to set which tab shows as active on the account page.
  • Fix: Unlock option was unavailable after the post being locked.
  • Fix: Gutenberg block of WPUF didn't work on bedrock installation.
  • Fix: Sending admin payment received email twice.
  • Enhancement: Add shortcode support to display post information in the Post Expiration Message.
  • Enhancement: Add Appsero option checkbox on the setup wizard.

v3.1.10 (06 September, 2019)

  • Fix: Posts were not assigned to the selected default post owner.
  • Fix: Google reCaptcha was not working, users could submit the form without reCaptcha validation.

v3.1.9 (22 July, 2019)

  • Fix: call_user_func_array() error while editing or add a new post from admin panel.
  • Fix: Address fields on payment page were not checking which fields are optional.
  • Fix: WooCommerce gallery images were not being shown on the frontend.
  • Fix: Show & hide coupon message based on response.
  • Fix: Login page was including registration page link even when user registration was turned off.
  • Fix: Notification emails were not respecting the spaces.

v3.1.8 (26 June, 2019)

  • Fix: Multistep form was scrolling to the top of the browser instead of moving to the top of the form when clicking on Next or Previous button.
  • Fix: Uploaded images were not showing in the ACF gallery field.
  • Fix: Billing address was not saved from the frontend payment page.
  • Fix: Added translation functions to the missing strings.
  • Fix: Dependency styles error of Gutenblock-editor.css.

v3.1.7 (31 May, 2019)

  • Fix: check for 'button_label' existence before using it.
  • Fix: after accepting bank payment, post status was not changing.
  • Fix: custom taxonomy empty value was not saving when editing a post & field type is a checkbox.
  • Fix: fix PHP warning.
  • Improvement: added Select Country text for billing address country field.

v3.1.6 (23 May, 2019)

  • Fix: URL field empty value was not saving.
  • Fix: Custom taxonomy field empty data were not updating.
  • Fix: Added translation function for missing strings.
  • Improvement: Added active class to account page menu items.
  • Improvement: Responsive frontend pages.

v3.1.5 (02 May, 2019)

  • Fix: Conflict weDevs insight library with WP Project Manager plugin.

v3.1.4 (02 May, 2019)

  • Fix: Category field data were not being saved when conditional logic is applied to custom taxonomy fields based on category field.
  • Fix: While editing the checkbox values from the backend user profile page, the values were not being saved.
  • Fix: While editing profile, using the default profile form, the password strength indicator didn't respond.
  • Fix: Insights data were not being sent.

v3.1.3 (15 April, 2019)

  • Fix: Required option of checkbox field was not validating on the frontend.
  • Fix: Select mulitple options in checkbox field doesn't save the data.
  • Fix: Fallback pay per post was not respecting the payment procedure & fallback cost was not correct on the payment page.

v3.1.2 (01 April, 2019)

  • Feature: Added column field: Now, creating multi-column in a single row is super easy with WPUF Column field. Just drag the column field in the builder area, configure columns number, column space and add any fields you want inside that Column field.
  • Fix: Unable to render the events on the front-end: On the frontend dashboard, the submitted events were not showing, you will get it fixed in this version.
  • Fix: Page order getting 0(zero) after editing from the frontend: Page order was not saving while editing a post using WPUF form, it has been fixed.
  • Fix: Text Input field for Taxonomies not working: When taxonomy field type is set to Text Input then a fatal error was showing on the frontend, no error with taxonomy field in the latest version
  • Fix: In radio and checkbox field use conditional logic that value does not save in database: The selected value of radio and checkbox field were not showing while editing posts from the backend or frontend, you can see the selected value in this version.
  • Fix: The args parameter not working with get_avatar filter: The args parameter did not exist with get_avatar filter, which now exists.
  • Fix: The item in ajax taxonomy field is not selected: When the taxonomy field type is set to Ajax, the submitted terms were not showing in the backend and frontend which have been fixed.

v3.1.1 (28 February, 2019)

  • Fix: Help text in the Category field were not displaying on the frontend.
  • Fix: Category was not editable when editing the post from the frontend.
  • Fix: Display the admin bar when user role exist.
  • Fix: When the admin edits a post from the backend, it was creating duplicate post.
  • Fix: After enabling post expiration in post form do not save post_expiration meta.
  • Fix: Checkboxes were not linking/syncing with ACF field.
  • Fix: Publish time input option in the Date/Time field, was not working.

v3.1.0 (31 January, 2019)

  • Fix: The Default registration form [wpuf-registration] was unable to send the new user registration email.
  • Fix: With the latest version of WordPress the Gutenberg block of WP User Frontend were not working. Fixed in this version.
  • Fix: While using Gutenberg editor, the pages were not being updated with WPUF shortcode consisting[wpuf dashboard]
  • Fix: From the User Frontend Settings, you had the capability to set if the Administrator, Editor, Vendor etc can see the admin bar. Now, the super admin want one specific user ( who has the user role from the above ) can't see the admin bar and disabled it from the Toolbar form that specific user profile. And this configuration ( Toolbar ) from the specific user profile were unable to impact on the frontend.
  • Fix: WP User Frontend was unable to install with PHP 5.4 or lower version.
  • Fix: When a user uploaded single image for product gallery using WPUF WooCommerce product form, that image was not showing on the frontend.

v3.0.2 (1 January, 2019)

  • Feature: Added post lock feature based on posts and user
  • Fix: 'show directions' link doesn't show with the google map on submitted post
  • Fix: Subscription pack price not formatting according to the settings
  • Fix: Post date is not updating when enable time input option for date field

v3.0.1 (5 December, 2018)

  • Fix: Image is duplicating

v3.0.0 (4 December, 2018)

  • New: Integrated WC Marketplace plugin: vendor can submit post from their frontend dashboard
  • New: Integrated WC Vendors plugin: vendor can submit post from their frontend dashboard
  • Fix: Post is getting duplicate while updating

v2.9.4 (20 November, 2018)

  • Fix: WooCommerce Gallery images not getting saved

v2.9.3 (02 November, 2018)

  • Fix: NoCaptcha reCaptcha compatibility issue
  • Fix: Empty URL field label showing with the post on frontend
  • New: Add option to hide field label
  • New: Use theme style for all input fields
  • New: Added SweetAlert pop up box for image delete & subscription cancel confirmaton
  • Improved: Showing user display name instead of username on the frontend dashboard

v2.9.2 (20 September, 2018)

  • Fix: Delete & drag icon showing inappropriately
  • Fix: Custom fields data not showing on the frontend when different conditional logic apply based on same field with different options

v2.9.1 (18 August, 2018)

  • New: Added custom classes to make two or three columns form
  • Fix: If add a field with the 'field visibility' to the admin only, it was fine to the admin. But, the field and the fields below were not showing to the non-admin users. It has been fixed in this version.
  • Fix: Duplicated field was not saving on the post form

v2.9.0 (16 August, 2018)

  • New: The Events Calendar Integration Form
  • New: Post Submission Facility From Account Page
  • Improved: Login/Lost Password Link Under Registration Form
  • Improved: Added settings to show/hide payment column on frontend dashboard table
  • Fix: Draft post gets published after editing without even asking for payment
  • Fix: Added Placeholder for Empty Featured Image

v2.8.10 (17 July, 2018)

  • New: Added drag and drop image ordering on image upload field
  • New: Added preview option in forms
  • New: Added form limit message before form submission
  • New: Added option to show reCAPTCHA field in login forms
  • Improved: Replace alert with Sweet-alert in frontend
  • Improved: Internationalized subscription pack cycle period labels
  • Fix: "Select Image" button disappears while uploading multiple images.
  • Fix: Showing username while login with wrong password and email
  • Fix: Default post category not saving
  • Fix: Pages was not being created from setup wizard
  • Fix: Separator spacing for multi select and checkbox render view
  • Fix: Form id specific posts are not displaying on the dashboard

v2.8.9 (6 June, 2018)

  • New: Added functionality to export and erase WP User Frontend Data.
  • New: Added billing address customizer.
  • New: Changed plugin text-domain to 'wp-user-frontend' from 'wpuf'.
  • Improved: Some responsive adjustments are made in payment page.
  • Improved: Some scripts and styles were loading in all pages, it is fixed now.
  • Improved: Fixed warning on dashboard for custom post types with no label.
  • Fix: Images were not showing after upload in safari, it is fixed now.
  • Fix: Posts cannot be updated after changing post images, it is fixed now.
  • Fix: Fixed getting fatal error when submitting post with image in some cases.
  • Fix: Fixed billing amount not showing when assign pack from backend.
  • Fix: Fixed some translations issues.

v2.8.8 (16 May, 2018)

  • New: Allow override form input style using theme styling.
  • Improved: Nocaptcha recaptcha wasn't working when allow_url_fopen is disabled is fixed.
  • Improved: Free pack users were not showing in subscribers list, now they will.
  • Improved: If login override is disabled redirect to default wordpress register page.
  • Improved: Updated image upload field style.
  • Improved: Updated logged in user display style.
  • Improved: Added label in featured image field.
  • Improved: Changed content of subscription expiration mail.
  • Fix: Taxonomy fields checkboxes were disappearing from builder in some cases, now they won't.
  • Fix: Fallback cost calculation was inaccurate, it is fixed now.
  • Fix: Subscription expiry date showing wrong time for unlimited packs, it is fixed now.
  • Fix: User subscription deletion gets reverted if updated, it is fixed now.
  • Fix: Fixed some issues in Advanced Custom Fields(Free) compatibility
  • Fix: Fixed some translations issues.

v2.8.7 (09 April, 2018)

  • New: Added WP User Frontend Guten Block
  • New: Added Advanced Custom Fields(Free) compatibility
  • New: Added Avatar size settings
  • Improved: Changed postcode input field to string in billing address
  • Improved: Added PHP backward compatibility for login redirect
  • Fix: Taxonomy Terms not showing for custom post types in form settings
  • Fix: Taxonomy Terms not showing for custom post types in front-end dashboard
  • Fix: Fixed some issues in billing address

v2.8.6 (22 March, 2018)

  • Improved: Added backward compatibility for WooCommerce product template
  • Fix: Some fields were rendered as Array
  • Fix: Added WoooCommerce address sync with WP User Frontend billing address
  • Fix: Fixed issues in Reset Password Mail
  • Fix: Fixed invalid key in email
  • Fix: Subscription trial message was not showing properly
  • Fix: Address Field was not updating
  • Fix: Subscription Email toggle in settings was not working properly
  • Fix: Sometimes username was not showing in transaction list
  • Fix: Post count not showing on the frontend dashboard
  • Fix: Date/Time was not following backend format in frontend
  • Fix: Login redirect issues with blank page

v2.8.5 (12 March, 2018)

  • New: Enhanced Login Redirect settings to redirect to previous page
  • Fix: Form fields help text styles now showing properly
  • Fix: Reset Links not showing on HTML email in some cases
  • Improved: Show Form schedule notice before form submission
  • Improved: Added version meta for Forms
  • Improved: various other code improvements

v2.8.4 (04 March, 2018)

  • New: Dashboard post listing now supports multiple post type within shortcode
  • New: Added settings in URL field to view link on new window or same window
  • New: Added settings to change button text for Image upload field
  • New: Added Login Redirect settings to redirect users to a page after login
  • Fix: MultiStep Form styles not working properly
  • Fix: Account Activation link not working for new users
  • Fix: Separated Serbia and Montenegro in country list
  • Fix: Required field condition for google map not working
  • Fix: Post submission infinity loop issue fixed
  • Fix: TinyMCE styling not working on frontend layouts fixed
  • Improved: Updated turkish translation

v2.8.3 (15 February, 2018)

  • New: Admin form builder is now fully responsive.
  • New: Added color schemes for creating attractive form layouts.
  • Fix: Confirmation password field size is not updated
  • Fix: Email notification contains unnecessary texts
  • Fix: Assign pack costs not showing on admin fixed
  • Fix: Restrict Free subscription pack to be enabled multiple times
  • Fix: While updating post, image changes are updated after saving the post
  • Improved: Show purchase link on notice of post purchase
  • Improved: Hide edit link on front-end post listing if editing is disabled

v2.8.2 (23 January, 2017)

  • Improved: Added upgrade function for default category: Upgrader added to upgrade previously set default post category.
  • New: Subscription pack cannot be canceled: Fixed recurring subscription pack cannot be canceled from my account page in subscription details section.
  • Fix: page installer admin notice logic issue: Fixed page installer admin notice logic problem due to new payment settings default value not set.

v2.8.1 (14 January, 2017)

  • New: Setup Wizard: Setup Wizard added to turn off payment options and install pages.
  • New: Multi-select Category: Add multi-select to default category in post form settings.
  • Improved: Select Text option for Taxonomy: Add Select Text option for taxonomy fields. Now you can add default text with empty value as first option for Taxonomy dropdown.
  • Improved: Taxonomy Checkbox Inline: Added checkbox inline option to taxonomy checkbox. You can now display Taxonomy checkbox fields inline.
  • Fix: WooComerce Template fix: WooCommerce product form submittion error fixed. Product adding with WooCommerce template works fine now.
  • Fix: Date Display Issue: Date not save/display after save form settings in Schedule form section.
  • Fix: Default Field Width: Default Field Width set empty. Previously set as medium.

v2.8.0 (6 January, 2017)

  • New: Limit Entries: limit how many entries a form will accept and display a custom message when that limit is reached.
  • New: Schedule form: Don't accept form submission if the current date is not between the date range of the schedule.
  • New: Restrict Users: Restrict form submission based on the users role.
  • New: Show/hide Admin Bar: Control the admin bar visibility based on user roles.
  • New: Ajax Login widget: Login user is more simple now with Ajax Login Widget. The simple login form don't required page loding for login.
  • Improved: Form submission with Captcha: Form field validation process updated if form submits with captcha field.
  • Fix: Payment redirection: Pay per post payment redirection not working after subscription expired.
  • Fix: Edit Profile: User cannot edit their profile by frontend profile edit form.
  • Fix: Undefined error: Data processing error on purchasing free subscription pack.

v2.7.0 (12 December, 2017)

  • New: Posting integration with Dokan added. Now you can create and edit blog posts from your Dokan dashboard.
  • New: Fallback cost for form subscription payment. When a subscribed user reaches post limit before the pack expires, this option will allow user to pay per post and continue making posts until the membership is valid.
  • New: Added bulk accept feature to pending transactions.
  • New: We have removed the add-on page and introduced a premium page with all the features available for you when you upgrade to pro version.
  • New: A What's New page has been added to let users know about the most important new features and fixes has been introduced to the current version of the plugin.
  • New: Newsletter subscription form added on the help page to keep you staying updated with latest news from us.
  • Improved: A newly designed settings page has been introduced where you can easily configure everything more easily.
  • Improved: If you are using a PHP version older than 5.4, you'll see notice to update your PHP version.
  • Improved: Design improvements of subscription edit screen and user profile area in backend, it looks pretier now.
  • Improved: Few settings options has been re-arranged in different tabs for better understanding.
  • Fix: Fix Pay Per Post only shows round figure in frontend. #269

v2.6.1 (8 November, 2017)

  • Fix: Fixed subscription pack frontend display issue. A small bug was introduced that was preventing displaying the subscription packs correctly.
  • Fix: Fix for packs with unlimited post. We had a small mistake in pack post counting and unlimited subscription plan was discarded. This version fixes the issue.

v2.6.0 (6 November, 2017)

  • New: When configuring payment settings from wp-admin → User Frontend → Settings → Payments, the payment options were applicable for all post forms with the same behavior. Admin could not configure payment option for each post form individually. In this version, the payment configuration option for individual form has been added. Now the admin can configure payment from wp-admin → User Frontend → Post Forms → Add/Edit a form → Navigate Payment Settings located under Settings tab.
  • New: When rendering a form, each field can be shown/hidden based on the type of user roles, subscription pack. This visibility option is located under Advanced Options section of each form field and provides a more granular control over which value you want to show and to whom.
  • New: Menu Restriction feature added. Like content restriction, now the admin can restrict the menu items based on roles of logged in users, logged out users, subscription pack or everyone. Available to Pro users.
  • New: When use [wpuf_sub_pack] shortcode, all the subscriptions were visible on the frontend. Admin could not exclude any subscription pack from the available packs. Now, the admin has the opportunity to show specific subscription pack using include/exclude attributes inside [wpuf_sub_pack] shortcode. For example, if you have 3 subscription packs with 101, 102, 103 IDs and want to show only the last two packs then you can use [wpuf_sub_pack include="102,103"] or to exclude the middle one from the list then you can use [wpuf_sub_pack exclude="102" order="DESC"].
  • New: Admin could not understand which users currently have subscription validity & what is the subscription pack a user is assigned to. Now, a new column Subscribers has been added in the User FrontendSubscriptions list. Admin can easily understand how many users have purchased a subscription pack & who are the users.
  • New: Payment Invoice added. Users who purchase a subscription or process payment for pay per post could not receive an invoice. Now, it's available, a PDF invoice will be sent to user's email with details. Available to Pro users.
  • New: Registration/Login function is now available in the free version. User's don't need to login/registration using WordPress default form but the frontend opportunity of WPUF plugin.
  • New: "Custom Fields in post" option was available in global settings (User Frontend > Settings > General Options) when admin enable it the data of all the custom fields of all post forms were showing on the frontend with the post. Now, the admin has more flexibility to choose which field's data will show on the frontend. This option can be found as "Show data in the post" when editing custom fields under "Advanced Options" section.
  • Fix: When viewing pending transactions, the admin could not see more than 20 but there are a lot more available then this number. This issue has been fixed.
  • Fix: Now, the site must have SSL (https) enabled to receive payment with PayPal. We had to update the payment process due to PayPal security update notice
  • New: Added plugin welcome wizard. Users who are installing the plugin for the first time will be presented with a nice video and instructions to configure the plugin.
  • Improved: Styling update for edit profile shortcode, now it looks more user friendly with newly applied styles.
  • Improved: Add form preview image in template popup.
  • Improved: Improved help texts in settings → general & form settings

v2.5.7 (18 October, 2017)

  • New: Guest post email verification feature added. When turned on, users need to click the activation link on their email before publising the post.
  • New: Added Login and Registration shortcode support in the plugin. Now free version users will get the themed login and a simple registration feature.
  • Improved: Add missing icon on field button (form builder).
  • Improved: Added related help documents/links in various pages.
  • Fix: Fix the upgrade routine. Version number mismatch gives fatal error. Fixes #179
  • Fix: Removed integration classes, vue modal component from WPUF as it was not necessary anymore.
  • Fix: Users could not update profile from my account page.
  • Fix: Product visibility for WooCommerce wasn't working as they migrated to a taxonomy system.
  • Fix: PayPal gateway security enforced. When checking the IPN request, few things weren't being done before checking the valid IPN response.

v2.5.7 (11 September, 2017)

  • [improved] Added background in form builder div, so notices don’t overlap the form builder
  • [improved] Added filter wpuf_free_loader for conditional loading pro elements. Added class instance container to access class instances via wpuf()->dashboard like magic methods.
  • [new] Form label display settings added. Now you can place the form element labels at left/right/above/hide, brings more flexibility.
  • [new] New post notification feature brought back in individual form notification settings. You could only change the new post notification email in the PRO version, now you can change it in the free version, as well as disable the email.

v2.5.6 (28 August, 2017)

  • [fix] Call subscriptions.js file directly from the js directory. Fix #174

v2.5.5 (26 August, 2017)

  • [new] Added Invisible reCaptcha option
  • [new] Added weForms shortcode on script loading check
  • [improve] functions formatting
  • [improve] reCaptcha field title and settings tweak
  • [fix] Fixed translation issue by removing translation function of admin menu
  • [fix] WPUF Custom Fields don’t save in admin/editor
  • [fix] Fatal Error:undefined function wpuf_cf_count_form_entries()
  • [fix] Fix form entries count function name

v2.5.4 (30 July, 2017)

  • [new] Added WPUF admin menu icon
  • [new] Added Recaptcha field
  • [new] Added tracker (weDevs Insights)
  • [improve] Add Spanish Translation
  • [improve] Re-design addons page according to WP plugins page listing
  • [improve] When duplicating a form, add a form ID in the form name
  • [improve] Remove Google map and reCaptcha settings
  • [improve] Remove “Fixed form elements” from settings → general
  • [improve] Remove additional + - buttons on radio buttons
  • [improve] Removed Autoloader, Single JS Templates
  • [improve] Form settings saving: compatible with JSON payload
  • [improve] Editor: show warning only when some form field have changed
  • [improve] Added integrations class
  • [improve] Form notification, modal, integration components added
  • [improve] Added first/middle/last name support on merge tag
  • [fix] Sweetalert returning text "true" instead of original message
  • [fix] Hide subscription menu from "my account" page when user has no subscription pack
  • [fix] On saving as draft post custom taxonomy not saved
  • [fix] Page content not loading after successful submission of Ajax
  • [fix] URL is not clickable on the frontend
  • [fix] Mail & URL Field not have validation
  • [fix] Fix infinite post and make compatible with ACF plugin
  • [fix] Cannot delete attribute field from product form after delete attribute
  • [fix] Apply coupon returned unexpected value for separator
  • [fix] swal: fix text and button color
  • [fix] Form render error when using shortcodes in custom html field
  • [fix] Conflict with Imagify Image Optimizer plugin
  • [fix] When site language changed, Add Form/ Edit Form page display nothing
  • [fix] Fix sweetalert promise
  • [fix] Subscription don't display any value if there has no remaining post
  • [fix] Google map not loading on multistep form
  • [fix] Fix undefined index in count
  • [fix] Invalid post type due to class loading hook

v2.5.3 (8 June, 2017)

  • [improve] Update action name by removing language changing option
  • [improve] Update SweetAlert version
  • [improve] Added merge tags component
  • [improve] Correctly use password strength meter and show mismatch
  • [improve] Add post forms js dependency filter
  • [improve] Radio/checkbox inline-block CSS added
  • [fix] Default option not set in radio field
  • [fix] Selected option gets level rather than value
  • [fix] Multi select and checkbox default value issue
  • [fix] Refresh upload buttons on multistep forms on each step change
  • [fix] Radio buttons pre-select default option not working while editing the button value
  • [fix] Corrected the plugin documentation link
  • [fix] Mail not going on post expiration
  • [fix] Cannot delete attribute field from product form after delete attribute
  • [fix] Overload Js in subscription and form setting
  • [fix] Post empty content issue on save draft
  • [fix] Form render error when using shortcodes in custom html field
  • [fix] Conflict with Imagify Image Optimizer plugin
  • [fix] When site language changed, Add Form/ Edit Form page display nothing

v2.5.2 (27 April, 2017)

  • [improve] Added word limit feature for text field
  • [improve] Added page shortcode insert button in TinyMCE
  • [improve] Added media button to insert form shortcode in post/page edit
  • [improve] Added parameter in wpuf_format_price function to allow return both (with symbol and without symbol) price format
  • [improve] Replace shorthand array syntax due to php version compatibility
  • [improve] Added coupon code error message in payment page
  • [improve] Added apply_filters to manage page shortcode
  • [improve] Modal links and link tags updated for extending
  • [improve] Added function to get client IP
  • [improve] Saving custom fields sanitized and switched
  • [improve] Added notification settings in core
  • [improve] Added meta box to public post to select post edit form for frontend
  • [improve] Added delete form and form submission open checking function
  • [improve] Added label type core support on form builder with CSS
  • [improve] Notification added on post form template class
  • [fix] Dashboard template html closing tag issue
  • [fix] Radio buttons & checkbox display issue
  • [fix] Paypal payment status issue
  • [fix] Form edit screen not showing in Internet Explorer
  • [fix] WooCommerce attribute not showing issue
  • [fix] Change the form status to publish once saved on duplicating a form
  • [fix] The cancel subscription button doesn't work with non-recurring subscription
  • [fix] Post is not creating by Save Draft button with no post content field
  • [fix] Discount amount not deducting when payment is processed with bank option
  • [fix] Image/File upload field not working when JavaScript is optimized by Async JavaScript plugin
  • [fix] "save draft" button not working post saving as pending, conflict with subscription

v2.5.1 (22 March, 2017)

  • [improve] Update vue.js and vuex.js version
  • [improve] Update parent_slug parameter of add_submenu_page function to 'wp-user-frontend'
  • [fix] Admin fields in form edit section reset on clicking 'Save form' button

v2.5 (18 March, 2017)

  • [new] Brand new form builder added for post form and profile form
  • [new] Added payment status for pay per post
  • [improve] wpuf_add_html filter name changed to wpuf_custom_field_render
  • [improve] add and update price formating function

v2.4.4 (22 February, 2017)

  • [fix] Undefined JavaScript error when post is editing in admin
  • [fix] User IP if the script is running in cli
  • [fix] Date field on frontend post
  • [fix] Hide subscription tab from my account page when subscription is turned off
  • [fix] Plugin activation hooks
  • [fix] Recaptcha refresh when validation failed

v2.4.3 (07 February, 2017)

  • [fix] PHP backward compatibility issue

v2.4.2 (05 February, 2017)

  • [new] Shortcodes supported on post notification's every field
  • [fix] Conditional logic on address field
  • [fix] Pricing format improvements
  • [new] Currency position settings
  • [fix] File upload warning
  • [new] Re-design Transactions List Table
  • [new] Separated Free & Pro plugin
  • [fix] Draft post empty content issue
  • [new] My Account Dashboard [wpuf_account]

v2.4.1 (12 January, 2017)

  • [new] Added a function wpuf_get_countries()
  • [fix] Enable paynow url on dashboard if a new post is submitted as draft
  • [fix] Invalid post id for editing
  • [fix] Removed subscription trial cost
  • [new] Showing messages when there is no form associated with an id or deleted or not published yet
  • [new] Added dynamic action hooks wpuf_cancel_payment_{gateway}, wpuf_cancel_subscription_{gateway}
  • [fix] User profile url on transaction's list
  • [fix] Multistep form button & validations
  • [fix] Replaced some raw query to builder
  • [new] jQuery added on preview form
  • [fix] Some undefined variables issue
  • [fix] Replaced $wpdb->escape() to $wpdb->prepare() for depreciation
  • [fix] Missing data when saving draft post
  • [fix] Updated some textdomains
  • [fix] wpuf-ajax-tag-search priv/nopriv ajax request

v2.4 (26 October, 2016)

  • [fix] Plupload string translations
  • [fix] Post expiration logic updated
  • [fix] Ignore google map error when the API key is not inserted
  • [fix] Upload error from admin panel, nonce issue
  • [fix] reCaptcha lib constructor for strict standard
  • [fix] tinyMCE and textarea word limit fixed
  • [fix] User profile edit warning issue fixed for PHP 7
  • [fix] Tag suggestion showing -1
  • [fix] Showing -1 in case of unlimited remaining post count
  • [fix] Google map on a multi-step section
  • [improved] Settings API v1.3 updated
  • [improved] Added links to transaction packs in admin area
  • [new] Post template feature added with simple post and WooCommerce form template
  • [new] Added filter on text area editor args
  • [new] Content restriction added on pro version

v2.3.15 (11 August, 2016)

  • [fix] License renewal prompt fix

v2.3.14 (10 August, 2016)

  • [fix] Text domain and translated strings updated
  • [fix] Reloading the profile/registration page after deleting the avatar fixed.
  • [fix] Styling of delete button of form fixed.
  • [fix] Visibility of deleting avatar button fixed.
  • [fix] Issue with saving form in php 7 fixed.
  • [fix] Restoring remaining number of posts allowed to post in subscription is now working for non-admin member (Pro).
  • [fix] noCaptcha in registration is now working (Pro).
  • [fix] Registration form is now saving in php 7 (Pro).
  • [new] Form file uploader is now allowing uploading multiple files and removing extras with warnings.
  • [new] New filters added to show meta functions
  • [new] gMap API settings Added
  • [new] Registration field added (Pro).
  • [new] Post taxonomies visibility in form builder are now dependent on the post type selected (Pro).
  • [new] Multiple forms in the same page

v2.3.13 (30 March, 2016)

  • [fix] Paypal user agent changed and issue with paypal transection fixed
  • [new] Multiple images/files can now be uploaded at a time in image and file fields
  • [fix] Upload.js has been modified
  • [fix] Problem with saving form element in php 7.0.0 is fixed

v2.3.12 (8 February, 2016)

  • [new] WooCommerce Product Category and Attributes are now sectionized
  • [new] Error notice can now be translated.
  • [new] Errors on filling up the form will now be visible as warning/notice below the relevant field in front end.
  • [new] Meta key name in form field in form builder will now be auto populated only if the meta key field is empty
  • [fix] Progress bar issue in post edit mode is fixed
  • [new] Multistep registration form added
  • [new] Hook added before registration form
  • [fix] SSL issue fixed

v2.3.11 (8 February, 2016)

  • [fix] File upload vulnerability fix. Props to: Panagiotis Vagenas
  • [fix] Replaced deprecated user notification function
  • [fix] Email error validation in multistep
  • [fix] Disabling subscription in form settings
  • [fix] Product taxonomy fixes
  • [new] No-captcha support added

v2.3.10 (5 Ocotber, 2015)

  • [fix] Custom css is now working
  • [fix] Textdomain added to some text
  • [fix] Visibility of address field data in the frontend is now fixed
  • [tweak] A new filter has been added to get subscription meta data
  • [new] A new option has been added to date field to treat it future publish date if user wants
  • [new] Autologin after registration - feature added
  • [new] Confirmation alert added when user wants to delete subscription in frontend
  • [fix] Publish post after paypal payment completion

v2.3.9 (13 Sepetember, 2015)

  • [fix] Newly registered users were having no meta named "wpuf_postlock"
  • [fix] Newly registered users (having no meta named "wpuf_postlock") are now having form in the frontend
  • [fix] Text input field for category is now working
  • [fix] Pack id warning in admin area profile
  • [fix] Error in rendering map in edit mode, when having no value
  • [fix] Progress bar style are set in condition
  • [fix] Error undefined object post when updating user profile
  • [improve] Button style in payment form

v2.3.8 (3rd Sepetember, 2015)

  • [fix] Problem with wpuf lock post fixed.
  • [fix] Problem with retyping password disability in the frontend fixed.
  • [fix] Problem with password visibilty fixed.
  • [fix] Redirection to subscription page from user profile fixed.
  • [fix] Scripts and styles of wpuf are now loading when needed.
  • [add] RTL support improvement

v2.3.7 (24 August, 2015)

  • [fix] Problem with conditional logic in image upload field fixed.
  • [fix] Transaction log updating issue fixed.
  • [fix] Email field in form with required flag is now working even if left empty.
  • [fix] Data from address field in registration form is now saved and shows data in edit form .
  • [new] Persian language translation added
  • [fix] Problem with 'pay per post' feature fixed

v2.3.6 (13 July, 2015)

  • [fix] Login page bug fixed.
  • [fix] Wordpress native registration page made working.
  • [fix] Email validation bug fixed.
  • [fix] Issue in country field fixed.
  • [fix] Issue with saving taxonomy fixed.
  • [fix] Problem with captcha and really simple captcha fixed.
  • [fix] Problem with action hook fixed.

v2.3.5 (2 July, 2015)

  • [fix] Ajax taxonomy field bug fixed.

v2.3.4 (June 29, 2015)

  • [fix] Featured image caption was not being updated

v2.3.3 (June 24, 2015)

  • [fix] Post status settings in form, wasn't being updated.

v2.3.2 (June 22, 2015)

  • [fix] Featured image upload fix
  • [new] Image upload field brought back to free

v2.3.1 (June 21, 2015)

  • [fix] Compatibility problem with PHP < 5.2. Accidental PHP array shorthand used.

version 2.3 (June 20, 2015)

  • Pro plugin released as free with less features

version 1.3.2

  • [improve] post thumbnail image association added
  • [improve] various form styles updated
  • [fix] teeny textarea buttons fix
  • [fix] Dashboard show post type settings won't effect
  • [fix] zxcvbn is not defined in edit profile
  • [fix] Two click needed to submit a post
  • [fix] dashboard author bio height fix

version 1.3.1

  • [fix] [wpuf_editpost] typo fix
  • [fix] clean $dashboard_query from corrupting beyond use

version 1.3

  • [fix] PayPal payment user_id issue fixed
  • [fix] Plupload o is null error fix
  • [fix] PHP 5.4 strict warnings fix
  • [update] new version of settings api class

version 1.2.3

  • [fix] has_shortcode() brought back again by renaming as wpuf_has_shortcode()
  • [fix] all the labels now have a default text

version 1.2.2

  • [fix] shortcode error fix for edit users
  • [fix] plugin css/js url
  • [fix] removed has_shortcode() call

version 1.2.1

  • [fix] Performance problem with wp_list_users()

version 1.2

  • [fix] Subscription post publish
  • [fix] Post delete fix in dashboard
  • [fix] Silverlight in IE upload error
  • [fix] Category checklist bug fix
  • [new] Checkbox field in custom field

version 1.1

  • warning for multisite fix
  • allow category bug fix
  • fix ajaxurl in ajaxified category
  • custom post type dropdown fix in admin
  • post date bug fix
  • category dropdown fix

version 1.0

  • Admin panel converted to settings API
  • Ajax featured Image uploader added (using plupload)
  • Ajax attachment uploader added (using plupload)
  • Rich/full/normal text editor mode
  • Editor button fix on twentyelven theme
  • Massive Code rewrite and cleanup
  • Dashboard replaced with WordPress loop
  • Output buffering added for header already sent warning
  • Redirect user on deleting a post
  • Category checklist added
  • Post publish date fix and post expirator changed from hours to day
  • Subscription and payment rewrite. Extra payment gateways can be added as plugin
  • Other payment currency added

version 0.7

  • admin ui improved
  • updated new post notification mail template
  • custom fields and attachment show/hide in posts
  • post edit link override option
  • ajax "posting..." changed
  • attachment fields restriction in edit page
  • localized ajaxurl and posting message
  • improved action hooks and filter hooks

version 0.6

  • fixed error on attachment delete
  • added styles on dashboard too
  • fixed custom field default dropdown
  • fixed output buffering for add_post/edit_post/dashboard/profile pages
  • admin panel scripts are added wp_enqueue_script instead of echo
  • fixed admin panel block logic
  • filter hook added on edit post for post args

version 0.5

  • filters on add posting page for blocking the post capa
  • subscription pack id added on user meta upon purchase
  • filters on add posting page for blocking the post capa
  • option for force pack purchase on add post. dropdown p
  • subscription info on profile edit page
  • post direction fix after payment
  • filter added on form builder

version 0.4

  • missing custom meta field added on edit post form
  • jQuery validation added on edit post form

version 0.3

  • rich/plain text on/off fixed
  • ajax chained category added on add post form
  • missing action added on edit post form
  • stripslashes on admin/frontend meta field
  • 404 error fix on add post

version 0.2

  • Admin settings page has been improved
  • Header already sent warning messages has been fixed
  • Now you can add custom post meta from the settings page
  • A new pay per post and subscription based posting options has been introduced (Only paypal is supported now)
  • You can upload attachment with post
  • WYSIWYG editor has been added
  • You can add and manage your users from frontend now (only having the capability to edit_users )
  • Some action and filters has been added for developers to add their custom form elements and validation
  • Pagination added in post dashboard
  • You can use the form to accept "custom post type" posts. e.g: [wpuf_addpost post_type="event"]. It also applies for showing post on dashboard like "[wpuf_dashboard post_type="event"]"
  • Changing the form labels of the add post form is now possible from admin panel.
  • The edit post page setting is changed from URL to page select dropdown.
  • You can lock certain users from posting from their edit profile page.

Upgrade Notice


  • It's a massive update and change from the previous version 1.3.2. Please do test in your site and main compatibility.
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