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<a name="a12"/>
-## Block append / prepend
-Jade allows you to _replace_ (default), _prepend_, or _append_ blocks. Suppose for example you have default scripts in a "head" block that you wish to utilize on _every_ page, you might do this:
+## 前置、追加代码块
+Jade允许你 _替换_ (默认)、 _前置__追加_ blocks. 比如,假设你希望在 _所有_ 页面的头部都加上默认的脚本,你可以这么做:
@@ -920,7 +922,8 @@ html
block content
-Now suppose you have a page of your application for a JavaScript game, you want some game related scripts as well as these defaults, you can simply `append` the block:
extends layout

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