Intermediate Memory Model (IMM) and compilation correctness proofs for it
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Intermediate Memory Model (IMM) and compilation correctness proofs for it

This repository contains Coq code supplementing the paper Bridging the Gap Between Programming Languages and Hardware Weak Memory Models (arXiv) by Anton Podkopaev, Ori Lahav, and Viktor Vafeiadis.

POPL19 arifact release: DOI

Building the Project


Building Manually

To build the project, one needs to install some libraries (sflib, paco, promising-coq, and hahn), which the project depends on. This might be done by running ./configure. The command installs Coq as well. After that, one needs to run make (or make -j4 for a faster build).

Installation via OPAM

The project may be built and installed via OPAM:

opam repo add coq-released
opam remote add coq-weakmemory-local -k git
opam install coq-imm

Building in a virtual machine

Download the VirtualBox image from here (or here), import it into VirtualBox, and boot the machine. The image has been tested with VirtualBox 5.2.18 with Oracle VM VirtualBox Extension pack.

The login is popl and the password is popl.

All necessary software is installed, and the project is checked out to /home/popl/imm. Additionally, Emacs and Proof General are installed so that you can browse the sources.

The proofs might be checked by opening a terminal and running

cd /home/popl/imm
make clean; make -j2

There might be some warnings about notations. The build terminating without printing "error" is successful.

Building in a Docker container

First, one needs to build a Docker image with the project and its dependencies

sudo docker build -t weakmemory/imm .

or to pull it from Docker Hub

docker pull weakmemory/imm

After that, one has to connect to the container

docker run -it weakmemory/imm /bin/bash

and execute the following to update container's environment variables and rebuild the project

eval `opam config env`
cd /imm
make clean; make -j4

Description of code and its relation to the paper

  • Section 2. src/basic. Definitions and statements about programs and execution graphs.

    • Prog.v—a definition of the program language (Fig. 2).
    • Events.v—definitions related to events (Section 2.2).
    • Execution.v, Execution_eco.v—execution graphs (Section 2.2).
    • ProgToExecution.v—construction of execution graphs from sequential programs (Fig. 3).
    • ProgToExecutionProperties.v—properties of the construction.
  • Section 3. src/imm. Definitions and statements about IMM and IMMs, a version of IMM with RC11-style definition of happens-before (HB) (Section 7.0).

    • CombRelations.v, CombRelationsMore.v—definitions of relation VF (in the development called furr) and linked relations and their properties.
    • imm_common_more.v, imm_common.v—common definitions for both models.
    • imm_hb.v—a definition of HB for IMM (Section 3.1).
    • imm_s_hb.v—the RC11-style definition of HB for IMMs.
    • imm.v—a definition of IMM (Def. 3.11).
    • imm_s.v—a definition of IMMs (Section 7.0).
    • imm_sToimm.v—a proof that IMMs is weaker than IMM.
  • Section 4. src/hardware. Definitions of hardware models and proofs about them.

    • Power_fences.v, Power_ppo.v, Power.v—a definition of POWER (Alglave-al:TOPLAS14).
    • Rel_opt.v—a correctness proof for release write transformation (Thm. 4.1).
    • immToPower.v—a compilation correctness proof from IMM to POWER (Thm. 4.3).
    • Arm.v—a definition of ARMv8.3 (Pulte-al:POPL18).
    • immToARM.v—a compilation correctness proof from IMM to ARMv8.3 (Thm. 4.5).
    • TSO.v—a definition of TSO (Alglave-al:TOPLAS14, Owens-al:TPHOLs09).
    • immToTSO.v—a compilation correctness proof from IMM to TSO.
  • Section 5. src/c11. Definition of a (stronger) version of the C11 model w/o SC and NA accesses and a compilation correctness proof from it to IMMs.

    • C11.v—a definition of the stronger version of the C11 model (Batty-al:POPL11). The version follows a fix from Lahav-al:PLDI17.
    • C11Toimm_s.v—a compilation correctness proof from C11 to IMMs.
  • Section 5. src/rc11. Definition of the RC11 model w/o SC and NA accesses and a compilation correctness proof from it to IMMs.

    • RC11.v—a definition of RC11 (Lahav-al:PLDI17).
    • RC11Toimm_s.v—a compilation correctness proof from RC11 to IMMs.
  • Sections 6 and 7. src/promiseToImm. The compilation correctness from Promise to IMMs.

    • Promise.v—a definition of a Promise outcome (Def. 6.1).
    • PromiseFuture.v— a proof that it is enough to show certification only for a restricted set of future memories (Remark 3).
    • TraversalConfig.v, Traversal.v—a small traversal step of IMMs-consistent execution graphs used to prove properties of the traversal (Def. 7.3 and 7.7).
    • SimTraversal.v—traversal of IMMs-consistent execution graphs (Prop. 6.5).
    • SimTraversalProperties.v—properties of the normal traversal.
    • SimulationRel.v—a simulation relation (Section 7.3).
    • SimulationPlainStep.v— a proof of simulation step (Prop. 7.8).
    • PlainStepBasic.v, WritePlainStep.v, FencePlainStep.v, RMWPlainStep.v, ReadPlainStep.v, ReadPlainStepHelper.v—auxiliary lemmas for the simulation step proof.
    • SubExecution.v, CertCOhelper.v, CertExecution1.v, CertExecution2.v, Receptiveness.v, CertExecutionMain.v—construction of the certification graph and proofs of its properties (Section 7.4).
    • PromiseToIMMs.v—a proof of the compilation correctness from Promise to IMMs (Prop. 6.8 and 6.9, Thm. 7.1).

Auxiliary files:

  • AuxRel.v, MaxValue.v, Monotone.v, Event_imm_promise.v, SimStateHelper.v, SimulationPlainStepAux.v, SimulationRelAux.v, TraversalConfigAlt.v, TraversalCounting.v, ViewRelHelpers.v, ViewRel.v, MemoryAux.v.