WARCARRIER RF Scanning Terminal with Advanced Logging Features
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This application comes with all version of Weakerthan Linux version 4 and up
OFFICIAL HOMEPAGE: https://weaknetlabs.com/warcarrier/ Weakerthan Linux Distro from WeakNet Labs

Warcarrier is a dashboard for scanning and trolling 802.11 WiFi, 802.15.1 Bluetooth, and GPS. This application was designed to show a large amount of live data, as a large carrier ship may have in the main deck/helm. The name "Warcarrier" was inspired by the famous "Blue Ghost" aircraft carrier. Below are a few functions that can be done with Warcarrier,

  • CatchMe-NG for trolling for MAC addresses, ESSIDs, etc
  • Create Shareable Waypoints
  • Take instantaneous snapshots of the surrounding area (GPS/BT/WiFi/Timestamp/APs/etc)
  • Log results in text format
  • Log results in HTML format
  • Include interactive maps from their scans using the Google Maps API
  • Read detailed information on any satellite that you can receive from (Using PNRID and NASA data)
#Screenshots This is the "instrument panel" screen which you can monitor the air around you with. Click on the image to view it full-sized.

This is the Ubertooth One Spectrum Analysis code at work. Click on the image to view it full-sized.

And here is a Google-Maps API enabled log file (HTML). Click on the image to view it full-sized.

A simple deomstration video showing off some of the functionality from a BETA demo: https://www.youtube.com/embed/0SNPzJ3ejFU


Start Warcarrier: ./warcarrier -d (wlan device) -f (airodump-NG output file name)
In Weakerthan Linux, you can simply click on the Warcarrier icon in the dock.

Your Terminal must have specific setting enabled. I am almost always using Gnome Terminal and the settings in WEAKERTHAN Linux are shown in the screenshot below. Without these setting the Curses::UI Perl module creates a lot of garbage on the screen that is unreadable.

Keyboard Shortcuts/Usage

The table below lists the keyboard shortcuts that can be used in Warcarrier.

gReset the dynmic 802.11 dbm graph
iShow satellite details
cStart CatchmeNG plugin
uUbertooth Spectrum Analyzer
wCreate a waypoint (for logging your process/trek)
sTake/log a snapshot of the surroundings with a timestamp


Aircrack-NG SuiteFor Airodump-NG and 802.11 Scanning
ALFA 1W AdapaterPassive scanning 802.11
Bluetooth DongleActive scanning for Bluetooth devices
Ubertooth OneFor scanning with Bluetooth (Spectrum Analysis)

** NOTE in KALI Linux you may have to edit your /etc/default/gpsd to have START_DAEMON and USBAUTO to "false". Also, you may need to reboot as restarting/reloading the daemon doesn't seem to complete the process - All credit for the troubleshooting of this and info for KALI goes to Grant Stone.

Explanation of files

./includes/(html|sound)/.*files for HTML logging and output.
./lib/.*Perl modules needed by WARCARRIER
./wcdWARCARRIER scanning daemon for Bluetooth and GPS (runs automatically)
./warcarrierThe program
./logs/(txt|html)/.*log files in txt or HTML format
./bt.outTemporary Bluetooth buffer file -- Bluetooth scanning is really slow!
./gps.(TPV|SKY)Temporary GPS packets buffer file -- polling the GPS device is slow!
./ubt.outUbertooth output
./capfilesPacket capture files made by Airodump-ng
./wccleanCleans up all messes and erases all trace of scanning.
./wcstartup.shAutostart Warcarrier with wlan0 and /dev/ttyUSB0 (for WEAKERTH4N and WarcarrierOS)