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an api to get a random quote from cardi b's already impressive catalogue of quotables. updated to include quotes from james baldwin, kanye, jay, nas, lauryn hill, tupac, and some developer wisdom.
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Project Inspiration

An api to get a random BAR from a variety of different artists. Cardi B inspired this project about a year ago because literally everyone of her songs had hella quotables in it. Fortunately the service has expanded to include a number of other sources of quotes and bars, but the name persists.

In the case that you happen to be using this for your teminal at work there is also an option called "safe for work" that can be enabled via post request. Not specifying "sfw" means you are open to the full variety of colorful language included within the API.

Features To Add

# Live at

Migrated to

If you send a GET request the api will return a quote from any of those categories/people (curses words are highly probable)

If you send a POST include a JSON body with the format shown in the examples below.

Example 1 We are indicating to the api that we want a quote from jay-z, earl sweatshirt, or the inspirational coding quotes catalogue, however we don't mind curse words:

    category: ['jayz','earlsweatshirt','inspirational_code']

Example 2 Another POST request format example, in this example we only want quotes from tyler the creator but we don't want any offensive language:

    category: ['sfw','tylerthecreator']

Example 3 And one more POST example for clarity; here we are indicating that we are open to quotes from any of the available sources, as long as they don't contain offensive language:

    category: ['sfw']

The total list of options available via POST request is as follows:



Its still pretty early but if you have suggestions, thoughts, feedback, criticism, etc feel free to open a PR or submit an Issue.

Thanks in advance 😊


If ya feeling generous, hollr @ the kid ❤️

BTC: 3EbMygEoo8gqgPHxmqa631ZVSwgWaoCj3m

ETH: 0x2F2604AA943dB4E7257636793F38dD3B1808A9e7

LTC: MQVgzNDgw43YzyUg3XmH3jQ7L8ndVswmN3

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