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find out all the important statistics and breakdowns of your iphone conversations.
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Why Does this Project Exist?

Developer's Walkthrough

Double Text Rate Broken Down by Day of Week and Time of Day

img img

Overall Emoji Usage

top_emojis_Me: thinking face, face with rolling eyes, person shrugging: dark skin tone, person shrugging, pensive face, weary face, face with tears of joy, smiling face with smiling eyes, hugging face,eyes

top_emojis_Friend: weary face, face with tears of joy, face with rolling eyes, expressionless face, thinking face, person tipping hand: medium-dark skin tone, skull, person tipping hand, OK hand: medium-dark skin tone, hugging face

Median Wait Time to Get a Reply



Laughing Rate Broken Down by Day of Week and Time of Day



Number of Texts Sent by Time of Day


Cursing Rates as a Percentage of Texts Sent



Number of Links Sent as a Percentage of Texts Sent



How Many Texts Were Sent on an Hourly Basis


How Many Texts Were Sent Cumulatively



understand social dynamics in a two-way conversation, have hard data to back up your intuition about your relationships.

For more details on the projects, check out the wiki pages.

obtain your text conversations as .txt by running the shell script in this project, titled Baskup . If you want to access the visualization (you do) then you will need bokeh and its dependencies:

  • NumPy
  • Jinja2
  • Six
  • Requests
  • Tornado >= 4.0
  • PyYaml
  • DateUtil
  • Bokeh

This is best done if you have conda installed and can be done with the simple command: conda install bokeh

sample data output

s1 & s2 denote different conversations participants. For more in depth explanations of the calculations & assumptions, see the wiki pages.

# response rates are in seconds
	# the first is a median, the other is an average
		# response_rate_s1: 
		# if s1 sends a text, then 22.0 seconds is the most common time 
		# that they will wait before receiving a reply from s2
# double text & laugh & curse & emoji & link rates are percentage of texts sent
# longest streak is consecutive days talking
# longest drought is consecutive days no talking

# average length is number of words
	master_metrics = {
	'top_emojis_s1':[u'thinking face', u'face with rolling eyes',
	u'person shrugging: dark skin tone', u'person shrugging',
	u'pensive face', u'weary face', u'face with tears of joy',
	u'smiling face with smiling eyes', u'hugging face', u'eyes'],
	'top_emojis_s2':[u'weary face', u'face with tears of joy',
	u'face with rolling eyes', u'expressionless face',
	u'thinking face', u'person tipping hand: medium-dark skin tone',
	u'skull', u'person tipping hand', u'OK hand: medium-dark skin tone',
	u'hugging face'],

	time_metrics = {

   curse_rate      day_x  double_text_rate  emoji_rate  laugh_rate  link_rate  participant  wait_time 
0    2.205882     Monday          7.352941    5.147059   22.058824   1.838235           Me       65.0
1    3.341289    Tuesday          4.057279    5.250597   19.570406   0.954654           Me       20.0
2    1.861702  Wednesday          9.042553    4.521277   19.680851   0.531915           Me       37.0
3    1.219512   Thursday         11.382114    5.284553   14.634146   0.406504           Me       44.0
4    3.546099     Friday          5.673759    5.437352   19.385343   1.891253           Me       22.0
5    1.225490   Saturday          8.333333    6.127451   18.382353   0.735294           Me       38.5
6    4.207120     Sunday          7.119741    3.236246   21.035599   1.941748           Me       38.0
0    0.000000     Monday         15.719064    3.344482    7.023411   1.337793       Friend       32.5
1    0.852878    Tuesday         14.285714    5.330490    7.889126   0.213220       Friend       14.0
2    0.771208  Wednesday         11.825193    3.598972    7.712082   0.514139       Friend       20.0
3    1.127820   Thursday         17.669173    2.631579    9.398496   0.000000       Friend       30.0
4    1.098901     Friday         12.307692    3.516484    7.252747   1.318681       Friend       21.0
5    0.909091   Saturday         14.772727    2.954545    6.136364   0.454545       Friend       28.0
6    2.500000     Sunday         10.625000    2.812500   11.875000   0.000000       Friend       18.0 


Its still pretty early but if you have suggestions, thoughts, feedback, criticism, etc feel free to open a PR or submit an Issue.

Thanks in advance 😊


If ya feeling generous, hollr @ the kid ❤️

BTC: 3EbMygEoo8gqgPHxmqa631ZVSwgWaoCj3m

ETH: 0x2F2604AA943dB4E7257636793F38dD3B1808A9e7

LTC: MQVgzNDgw43YzyUg3XmH3jQ7L8ndVswmN3

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