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Please Note: This project is not actively supported. We are keeping this code up because it's free and open. Enjoy at your own risk.

Wealth Management, Set Free

Hi, I'm Webo for short. I'm an open source wealth management platform. I help Investment Advisors profitably serve the mass affluent.

Use Cases

  • Help human investment advisors compete with robo-advisors
  • Build your own SaaS robo-advisor
  • Manage a personal portfolio
  • Run multiple RIA firms under a single installation


  • Admin Control Panel - manage installation, including RIA and Client accounts.
  • Client Dashboard - beautiful transaction, holding and performance reports on any screen.
  • RIA Portal - define asset classes and representative securities, setup custom portofilios and multi-tiered billing, create your own risk profile questionnaire, manage clients and document workflows.
  • Rebalancer - automatically rebalance client portfolios to match target allocations at the household or account-level, ad-hoc or on an set schedule.
  • Portfolio Accounting System - integrate with custodians to verify customer demographics and reconcile transactions placed by the Rebalancer.

Yea, We've Got That

  • Tax loss harvesting
  • Custom portfolio models
  • Custom risk profiling
  • Integration with financial custodians
  • Automated onboarding, document flow and e-signing
  • Cash generating transactions while maintaining target asset allocation
  • Muni substitiution


Go to to play with all the features before installing.


Join our Gitter to discuss the project in realtime.

  • Talk to the core devs and the community.
  • Learn from others and ask questions.
  • Share your work and demos.

Contribute to our roadmap on Trello.

  • Follow our general vision
  • Submit new feature ideas
  • Comment on ideas, to-dos and in-progress work



  • Install Vagrant and Virtual Box
  • You'll need an NFS plugin. Once vagrant is installed run: vagrant plugin install vagrant-bindfs
  • You'll need Hostmanager plugin. Once vagrant is installed run: vagrant plugin install vagrant-hostmanager

And now, our super-simple, 3-step install

  1. git clone
  2. Add to your etc/hosts file
  3. cd wealthbot and run vagrant up and run vagrant provision for first run

If you prefer your instructions via Youtube

Go grab a coffee or a beer ... this will take a while the first time you run it.

Once complete, simply go to in your browser to see the demo landing page.

Note: To use the app you'll need to setup an SMTP server with authentication. The config is in wealthbot/app/config/parameters.yml. Digital Ocean has a good writeup on how to use your Gmail account for this.

If you want to take a look around your vagrant box you can vagrant ssh. The config is located in wealthbot\puphpet\config.yaml

We strongly recommend running all console commands inside the vagrant box.


We love pull requests! The details on how to contribute to Wealthbot can be found here.

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