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build: components lib
@rm -rf dist
@mkdir dist
@node_modules/.bin/coffee -b -o dist -c lib/*.coffee
@node_modules/.bin/component build --standalone no
@mv build/build.js no.js
@rm -rf build
@node_modules/.bin/uglifyjs -nc --unsafe -mt -o no.min.js no.js
@echo "File size (minified): " && cat no.min.js | wc -c
@echo "File size (gzipped): " && cat no.min.js | gzip -9f | wc -c
@cp ./no.js ./examples/
test: build lib
@node_modules/.bin/mocha --compilers coffee:coffee-script
components: component.json
@node_modules/.bin/component install --dev
docs: lib
@node_modules/.bin/lidoc manual/*.md lib/*.coffee --output docs --github wearefractal/no
docs.deploy: docs
@cd docs && \
git init . && \
git add . && \
git commit -m "Update documentation"; \
git push "" master:gh-pages --force && \
rm -rf .git
@rm -rf dist
@rm -rf components
@rm -rf build
@rm -rf docs
.PHONY: test docs docs.deploy
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