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require '../lib/main'
require 'colors'
test = (name, str) ->
if !Object.isString(str)
str = JSON.stringify str
console.log ('.' + name + ':').magenta,
# Begin Array Tests
friends = ['bob', 'jill', 10, 'Jill', 'tom', 'mark', undefined, null, 'jill']
friends.push ['dbags', ['tony', 'rigatoni']]
friends.push 'whats-her-face'
console.log 'Starting Protege Array tests'.red
test 'Starting Object', friends
test 'typeof', typeof friends
test 'size()', friends.size()
test 'first()', friends.first()
test 'last()', friends.last()
test 'clone()', friends.clone()
test 'clear()', friends.clone().clear()
test 'compact()', friends.compact()
test 'flatten()', friends.flatten()
test 'remove("jill")', friends.clone().remove('jill')
test 'removeAll("jill")', friends.clone().removeAll('jill')
test 'removeAllIgnoreCase("jill")', friends.clone().removeAllIgnoreCase('jill')
test 'removeIndex(0)', friends.clone().removeIndex(0)
test 'merge()', friends.clone().merge(friends)
test 'unique()', friends.unique()
test 'intersect(["jill"])', friends.clone().intersect(['jill'])
# Begin Object Tests
contacts = {douchebag: 'tony', bros: ['thomas', 'bob'], hos: ['jill', 'stephanie'], family: {dad: 'mike', mom: 'tiffany', sister: 'jill'}, "tool": 'tony'}
console.log 'Starting Protege Object tests'.red
test 'Starting Object', contacts
test 'typeof', typeof contacts
test 'isArray()', [typeof [], Object.isArray([])]
test 'isBoolean()', [typeof true, Object.isBoolean(true)]
test 'isNumber()', [typeof 0, Object.isNumber(0)]
test 'isString()', [typeof '', Object.isString('')]
test 'isFunction()', [typeof test, Object.isFunction(test)]
test 'isObject()', [typeof contacts, Object.isObject(contacts)]
test 'isEmpty()', [[], Object.isEmpty([])]
test 'isEmpty()', ['', Object.isEmpty('')]
test 'isEmpty()', [{}, Object.isEmpty({})]
test 'clone()', contacts.clone()
test 'keys()', contacts.keys()
test 'values()', contacts.values()
test 'getKeys("tony")', contacts.getKeys('tony')
test 'getValues("tool")', contacts.getValues('tool')
test 'getKey()', contacts.getKey()
test 'getValue()', contacts.getValue()
test 'concat({rapper: "pdizzy"})', contacts.concat({rapper: 'pdizzy'})
test 'merge({douchebag: "mike"})', contacts.merge({douchebag: "mike"})
test 'unique()', contacts.unique()
test 'unique(true)', contacts.unique(true)
test 'remove("family")', contacts.remove('family')
buddy = 'Frank'
console.log 'Starting Protege String tests'.red
test 'Starting Object', buddy
test 'typeof', typeof buddy
test 'upcase()', buddy.upcase()
test 'downcase()', buddy.downcase()
test 'startsWith("F")', buddy.startsWith('F')
test 'startsWithIgnoreCase("f")', buddy.startsWithIgnoreCase('f')
test 'endsWith("k")', buddy.endsWith('k')
test 'endsWithIgnoreCase("K")', buddy.endsWithIgnoreCase('K')
test 'contains("rank")', buddy.contains('rank')
test 'containsIgnoreCase("f")', buddy.containsIgnoreCase('f')
test 'equalsIgnoreCase("frank")', buddy.equalsIgnoreCase('frank')
console.log 'Starting Protege JSON tests'.red
test 'Starting Object', contacts
test 'typeof', typeof contacts
test 'prettify()', contacts.prettify()
test 'stringify()', contacts.stringify()
console.log 'Starting Protege Function tests'.red
myFunc = (argz) ->
console.log argz
return 15
cacheFunc = myFunc.memoize()
console.log myFunc
test 'Starting Function', {}
test 'typeof', typeof myFunc
test 'cacheFunc(10)', cacheFunc 10
test 'cacheFunc(11)', cacheFunc 11
test 'cacheFunc(10)', cacheFunc 10
delay 5000, -> console.log 9001
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