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=== Plugin Name ===
Contributors: welaika, stefano.verna
Donate link:
Tags: sass, compass, haml, rails
Requires at least: 3.0
Tested up to: 3.2
Stable tag: trunk
Wordless dramatically speeds up and enhances your custom themes
creation, thanks to Sass, Compass, Haml and Coffeescript.
== Description ==
Wordless is an opinionated WordPress plugin that dramatically speeds up and enhances your custom themes creation. Some of its features are:
* A structured, organized and clean [theme organization]( (taken directly from Rails);
* Ability to create a new theme skeleton directly within the WordPress backend interface;
* Ability to write PHP code using the beautiful [Haml templating system](;
* Ability to write CSS stylesheets using the awesome [Sass syntax]( and the [Compass framework](;
* Ability to write [Coffeescript]( instead of the boring, oldish Javascript;
* A growing set of handy and documented helper functions ready to be used within your views;
You can always find the latest version of this plugin, as well as a
detailed README, on [Github](
== Installation ==
1. Your development machine needs a ruby environment, and the [compass](, [sprockets]( and [coffee-script]( gem. See below to see how to setup WordPress on your machine using RVM;
2. The production machine doesn't need any extra-dependencies, as all the compiled assets automatically get statically backend by Wordless;
3. [Download the Wordless plugin](, drop it in the `wp-content/plugins` directory and enable it from the WP "Plugins" section;
4. Enable the use of nice permalinks from the WP "Settings > Permalink" section. That is, we need the .htaccess file;
5. Create a brand new Wordless theme directly within the WP backend, from the WP "Appearance > New Wordless Theme" section;
6. Specify the path of your ruby executables, you can do it within your theme's `config/initializers/wordless_preferences.php` config file.
**RVM (recommended setup)**
It's recommended to use [RVM]( to handle ruby gems. Type the following from your terminal:
rvm use 1.8.7
rvm gemset create wordless
rvm use 1.8.7@wordless
gem install sprockets compass coffee-script
rvm wrapper 1.8.7@wordless wordless compass ruby
Now you should be able to know the location of your RVM-wrapped ruby executables using `which wordless_ruby` and `which wordless_compass`. Write them down into the `config/initializers/wordpress_preferences.php` file.
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