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Strategy, Design & Web Development — We are a UX & WordPress Agency from Switzerland & Germany.

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  1. 🖼 A WordPress plugin that allows you to disable Sidebar and Dashboard Widgets.

    PHP 15 3

  2. 🗼 A WordPress plugin to improve the I18N workflow for your own projects based on @GlotPress.

    PHP 43 5

  3. 👨‍👩‍👧‍👧 A WordPress plugin to display your teammates (users) anywhere on your WordPress site.

    PHP 12 5

  4. PHP client library for the Harvest REST API v2.

    PHP 7 4

  5. GitHub Action for detecting and fixing lint errors

    JavaScript 97 29

  6. 💻 required coding standards for PHP, JavaScript and CSS.

    PHP 3


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