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OpenInbound for WordPress

Connector plugin for


Development of this plugin happens on GitHub, while final releases will be published on

Grunt Tasks

Use grunt build to create a build for the plugin without any unneeded files. That build can be used for uploading the plugin to any WordPress install, or for submitting the plugin to

Besides grunt build, there's currently also a checktextdomain task that can be invoked using grunt checktextdomain or just grunt. This task makes sure all the i18n functions use the correct text domain so that the translation on works flawlessly.

Note: To be able to use Grunt, you have to install the needed scripts using npm install first.

Release Day

To prepare a new release, you need to do a few things in advance:

  1. Install all dependencies using composer install. This will create a new vendor folder containing the dependencies needed by the plugin. There are currently only two of them, so the folder is really small.
  2. Run grunt checktextdomain to make sure al the text domains are OK.

After that, it basically comes down to this:

  1. Update version numbers in composer.json, package.json, openinbound.php.
  2. Update the Changelog, Upgrade Notice and the Stable Tag in readme.txt.
  3. Build the plugin using grunt build. This will create a new folder inside release containing the final build. The folder name is based on the version set in step 1.
  4. Optional: Tag the version in Git for a better overview, using git tag <version>

After that, you can use the files inside release/<version> to commit the changes to the SVN repository. The Plugin Handbook helps you with that.