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DISCONTINUED: A responsive parent theme for WordPress, based on the fantastic Foundation framework.
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required+ Foundation

required+ Foundation is a responsive parent theme for WordPress based on the fantastic Foundation framework by ZURB. required+ Foundation makes it easy to build fantastic WordPress themes in no time. There are additional parts to required+ Foundation like the required+ Starter a sample child theme and some Shortcode Plugins.

We would like to thank WordPress and ZURB for constantly pushing the boundaries and creating awesome stuff we all benefit from. required+ Foundation wouldn't be possible without all the fantastic people out there. required+ Foundation is under GPL, except for the parts from Foundation which are licensed under MIT, so yes it's free to use. Go and build something new!

Additional stuff

As mentioned above, in addition to the parent theme there is a sample child theme and some shortcode plugins to work with required+ Foundation.

Community contributed child themes:


Like every open project, we are happy that people are willing to offer time and code to create translations, test new version and so much more. Here are the people who did contribute so far:

  • Serbian (Cyrillic) sr_RS translation files from Vojkan, for Latin use the srlatin plugin
  • Italian (Italian) it_IT translation files from Paolo
  • Dutch (Dutch) nl_NL translation files from Ilyes
  • French (French) fr_FR translation files from Fabrice
  • Spanish (Spanish) es_ES translation files from gilkudik
  • Portuguese (Brazilian) pt_BR translation files from raphaelsuzuki

Thank you for your contribution, if you think you belong on the list too, please contact us.


required+ is a network of experienced web professionals from Switzerland and Germany. We focus on Interaction Design, Mobile Web, WordPress and some other things.

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