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from cookielib import Cookie, CookieJar
import logging
import os
from django.core import signals
from django.test.client import Client
from django.test.testcases import LiveServerTestCase, TestCase
from ghost import Ghost
class LiveServerTestCase(LiveServerTestCase, TestCase):
LiveServerTestCase using and transaction rollbacks.
The sqlite connection is shared between the server thread and the main
thread. Normally this happens only for in-memory sqlite, but this seems to
work find with storage sqlite as well. This mat be useful with the
REUSE_DB=1 option in Nose. Other databases like MySQL cannot easily share
the database connection and transactions between the server thread and the
foreground thread.
display = os.environ.get('GHOST_DISPLAY', False)
log_level = logging.CRITICAL
wait_timeout = 10
def _post_teardown(self):
Modifies Ghost in-between tests; remove cookies.
super(LiveServerTestCase, self)._post_teardown()
def _pre_setup(self):
Optionally flush the database before the test and show the
webkit window if display is enabled.
super(LiveServerTestCase, self)._pre_setup()
if self.display:
def setUpClass(cls):
Django's LiveServerTestCase setupClass but without sqlite :memory check
and with additional Ghost initialization.
default_address = os.environ.get('DJANGO_LIVE_TEST_SERVER_ADDRESS', 'localhost:8090-9000')
os.environ['DJANGO_LIVE_TEST_SERVER_ADDRESS'] = default_address
# Prevents transaction rollback errors from the server thread. Removed
# as from Django 1.8.
from django.db import close_connection
except ImportError:
super(LiveServerTestCase, cls).setUpClass()
# Server is up and running, start up a Ghost instance.
if not hasattr(cls, 'ghost'):
cls.ghost = Ghost(display=cls.display, wait_timeout=cls.wait_timeout, log_level=cls.log_level)
# If we fail to initialize a Ghost instance, we should
# still clean up any daemon threads the parent
# LiveServerTestCase made.
super(LiveServerTestCase, cls).tearDownClass()
def tearDownClass(cls):
Django's LiveServerTestCase tearDownClass, but without sqlite :memory
check and shuts down the Ghost instance.
super(LiveServerTestCase, cls).tearDownClass()
def fill_form(self, form_selector, params, submit=True):
Fills in a form supplying a dict for the field names.
form_selector (str): A unique CSS selector to the form.
params (dict): Dict key is the input name, the value it's value.
submit (bool): Whether to submit the form or not, default is True.
self.ghost.fill(form_selector, params)
except TypeError:
# Ghost failed to fill-in all the fields, try brute-force.
for key, value in params.items():
result, resources = self.ghost.set_field_value('input[name="%s"]' % key, value)
except Exception:
result, resources = self.ghost.set_field_value('textarea[name="%s"]' % key, value)
except Exception:
if submit:
return self.ghost.evaluate('document.querySelector("%s").submit()' % form_selector, expect_loading=True)
def js_errors(self):
Check your project for javascript errors. Add the following snippet to
your base template to make this work in tests:
window.__webdriver_javascript_errors = [];
window.onerror = function(errorMsg, url, lineNumber) {
errorMsg +' (found at ' + url + ', line ' + lineNumber + ')');
errors, release_resources = self.ghost.evaluate('__webdriver_javascript_errors')
return errors
def open(self, path):
Simple shortcut function for Circumvents DRY for
path (str): The uri part of the url.
return + path)
def path(self):
return str(self.ghost.evaluate('location.pathname+location.hash')[0])
def set_session_cookie(self, username, password):
Sets a session with Django test client and logs Ghost in by creating
a session cookie for it.
username (str): The username to login with.
password (str): The password to login with.
client = Client(enforce_csrf_checks=False)
self.assertEqual(client.login(username=username, password=password), True)
sessionid = client.cookies['sessionid']
django_cookie = Cookie(
version=0, name='sessionid', value=sessionid.value, port=None, port_specified=False, domain='localhost',
domain_specified=True, domain_initial_dot=False, path='/', path_specified=True, secure=False,
expires=None, discard=True, comment=None, comment_url=None, rest=None, rfc2109=False
cj = CookieJar()