An non-blocking S3 client written for Scala
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S3cala Build Status

A non-block S3 client for Scala

Adding it to your Project

S3cala is not currently hosted in any publicly available maven repositories. However, you can still add it to your project by publishing it to your local repository.

Run the following commands:

git clone /tmp/S3cala;
cd /tmp/S3cala;
sbt publish-local;

Then, just add this to your build.sbt file and recompile:

libraryDependencies ++= Seq(
    "com.roundeights" %% "s3cala" % "0.1"

Example Usage

Internally, S3cala is a thin wrapper around the AWS Java SDK. It adapts the asynchronous API to use Scala's Futures, making it incredibly easy to use.

package org.example.s3cala

import com.roundeights.s3cala
import import

object Main extends App {

    val client = S3("yourAwsAccessKey", "yourAwsSecretKey")

    // "get" returns a Scala Future
    val future = client.bucket("BucketName").get("Key")

    future.onSuccess {
        case stream: InputStream => {
            // Do work with your input stream...


    future.onFailure {
        case err: Exception => {
            println( err.getMessage )



S3cala is released under the MIT License, which is pretty spiffy. You should have received a copy of the MIT License along with this program. If not, see