Code challenges for developers and designers.
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Code challenges for developers and designers.

We believe recruitment is the most critical part of an organization. People should experience some time working together before deciding on making it permanent. This repo contains code challenges we'd like to see solved by people interested in working with us.

We tend not to place job ads, as we prefer references and proactive candidates. With this in mind, feel free to take a challenge and let us know you're working on it. Mostly, we work with Ruby and Clojure, but also have some stuff in Node.js. Even if you don't have experience in these technologies, as long as you are willing to learn them and want to build great stuff for the web, we can probably be a good fit.

Available challenges



How we work

  • People - you know, the guys in the team(s). We're not afraid to ask for help and we're not afraid to express our opinions. We're here to help.eachother.

  • Culture - Paulo, one of your future colleagues, wrote about it. []

  • You - by joining our team, feel free to question all the items below and propose new ideas on how we work. This is definitely not a static thing.

  • GitHub - all our code is hosted here. We use Pull Requests and do code reviews for those. Everyone on the team reviews PRs. It's expected that you write quality code with automated tests. Once a PR is reviewed and accepted, the person who opened the PR should merge it and delete the branch.

  • Continuous Integration - we use Semaphore for our CI needs. Everytime we push to a branch, our test suite runs on Semaphore.

  • Slack - we mostly communicate asynchronously between the development team and with other teams. This is our chat tool. Abuse it.

  • Trello - once we decide what to build on a sprint, we create the sprint backlog items in Trello and stay focused there until the end of the sprint.

  • Support tasks - We are paranoid about providing top notch support to our customers. We have a dedicated customer support team working full-time communicating with clients. Our development team works very closely with the customer support team delivering happiness to our clients.