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Librato Chart Sender Web

It's meant so that admins can acess the website and work with their own configurations and will load the librato chart sender app


Install instructions

  1. Install Django

    • sudo pip install django
  2. Install django-fontawesome

    • sudo pip install django-fontawesome
  3. Install postgres package

    • install

    • sudo pip install psycopg2

    • sudo pip install -e git+

    Configure your db via postgres console if needed:

    1. sudo su
    2. su postgres -c psql postgres
    3. CREATE USER postgres WITH PASSWORD 'swat';
    4. CREATE DATABASE librato_chart_sender WITH OWNER postgres;
    5. GRANT ALL PRIVILEGES ON DATABASE librato_chart_sender TO postgres;

    Set environment variable: (needed for sending emails via mailgun)

    1. export MAILGUN_API_KEY=your_mailgun_api_key (or better add it to ~/.bashrc or ~/.bash_profile
    • all necessary credentials you will find in the access spreadsheet
  4. Migrate the database to your machine

    • python migrate
  5. Run local server

    • python runserver
  6. Open webpage

Acess admin page

  1. Create a superuser

    • python createsuperuser

    It will ask for a username, email and password

  2. Go to webpage

    And sign in with your account