time2talk is a mobile web app aimed at supporting people with mental health problems by helping to organise short meetings with supportive members of their local communities for a friendly a chat, a walk in the park or a short football session ...
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is a mobile web app aimed at supporting people with mental health problems by helping to organise short meetings with supportive members of their local communities for a friendly a chat, a walk in the park or even short football session ...

At the moment you might hack our ... markdown, seriously --> Hack weAreThePlayMakers/time2talk on Nitrous

"When we got together we didn't talk about the illness, we did normal regular things."

The app alows users to set up very simple public profiles (see /basic blocks of time2talk.md for more info) and depending on their personal availibility and time commitments toggle the visibility of their profile as available2talk or unavailable.

When set as available2talk the profile shows up on the local map within the app and is visible to other users within their local community who can then request time2talk.

"It's the little things you do that can make a big difference."

Once the request is accepted the app will automaticlly set up a meeting within short distance to both users, look up best options for transport, calculate time, etc. The meetings will take place in public areas predefined and moderated by the users themselves.

The app will have certain built in mechanisms which will alow to maintain some level of moderation mostly relying on integration with social media api's and use of feedback forms.

#MakeTime for Friends

Below you'll find some more info about the concept and also on the source of our inspiration, campaign Time to Change by Mind and Rethink Mental Illnes.

If you are not that much interested in the credits and how the idea came to being then jump to /what does it do.md to see more detailed explanation of the proposed workflow.

Registration and some info about profile and integration with local/online communities can be found in /basic blocks of time2talk.md

The idea for development is to have this theoretical contents of README.md replaced by structured info on how to contribute to the project. The theory could then go to either Jekyll blog or moved over to wiki section but that's after we see some action in terms of prototype and coding.

you don't have to be an expert to talk about mental health

And this slogan from time to change was the initial inspiration for us to write initial brief and sketch out main functionalities of the app.

Time to change was launched by and and #time2talk is not an official project within Time to Change campaign nor should it be confused with #timetotalk campaign.

please remain seated...

weAreThePlayMakers are solely responsible for the conception, initial briefs, choice of technologies and eventual development of the app. Having said that we will do our best to emulate the ethos as well as the tone of the original campaign. To this end we chose to use informative quotes from the official website of the campaign instead of using standard Lorem ipsum to fill our empty at first frames. Similarly we decided to use graphical assets provided by the Mind on their page for the first few cycles of the development.

... this is only a test

As already mentioned the app in its entirety is an hypothesis based on our own assumptions and information we found readily available. We have no knowledge of any scientific research that could provide basis for our assumptions. In the end we are in it for the technology which might serve some group of users and not for science of the mind which by all means we would like to gain if it wasn't for the time it would require.


The whole of the above would not be enough for the app to jump over everything else on our priority list if it wasn't for an event organised by friendly folks at about which you might read on their own page.

Initially the idea was for us to go and help others with their products but Time to Change seemed like a cause worth the time and efforts and it would be awesome to see it tested on humans.

And now we are really getting to the bottom of all this fuss, the tech.

... polymer-project

So finally we can talk tech and by all accounts the app is weAreThePlaymakers attempt to break into fascinating world of shadow-dom and WebComponents.org riding of Google's awesome and using its material design guidelines. It isn't our first take on this new area of web dev but we certainly intend to see this one to its final stages, soc med chanels and community engagement included unlike all our previous adventures with polymer library weAreTheNoteTakers being a good example.

do you feel like getting involved?

If you are up for helping out with any aspect of planned development and/or maintenance and prep of all that goes beyond potential "launch" shoot us an email and we will hook you up wherever or simply fork, clone, hack away.

Hack weAreThePlayMakers/time2talk on Nitrous

written by rafszul and weAreThePlayMakers with StackEdit.