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This repository is a beta project for Meteobridge-Weather34-Smart Version (expected release 2020)

This version uses new css grid layouts based on


grid-template-columns: 236px 236px 236px 236px;

grid-gap: 5px;

*does not use bootstrap or any other ready made framework it is developed and built locally using sample of above.

this provides the platform for increasing modules to display for example have small charts displayed in small modules on main page , increase the total of moduels to 24 and choosing optional layouts.

  • important this code may not be supported on old browsers prior to end of 2018.

example of future layout screenshot

Meteobridge-Weather34-Beta Smart Version

Github Beta repository for the Meteobridge version of the original weather34 template Weather Template for Meteobridge users only

*The aim is to create the cleanest and most friendly approach to displaying your personal weather data for your personal use and reap the full potential of meteobridge nanosd and meteobridge pro.

*This template is primed for use with meteobridge NANOSD and Pro unfortunately the smaller TP-LINK is not fully compatible due to the requirement of being able to retrieve historical values realtime .

*This work is for development use only it is for meteobridge NANO/Pro users and contributors,participants who communicate ideas and request permission to use.

*This work is not to be used without prior permission , please clearly outline on how you want to use this work.

*This work requires credits to be left intact where work is used ,it has no legal binding warrant but it is ethical to create a working enviroment to exchange ideas without creating unwanted noise, the community is smaller than you may think..

*This work means CSS/SVG/PHP .

example of current beta

Basic Setup guide

Myqsl Setup Guide

Weather34 Historic Timeline of design 2014-2019

Meteobridge Beta Smart Version Screenshot

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