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Sofaskin-CW9009 skin for Weewx is a modified version of the Sofaskin developed by Sven at He no longer supports the original skin. Please see the readme for dependency requirements to use this skin.
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CW9009 Meridian code modifications to Sofaskin web page for Weewx originally developed by Sven at Please see the readme for dependency requirements to use this skin. An Italian version of these directions are available at

Sofaskin V1.1 is developed by Sven at Neoground: Sven no longer supports the original skin. This is a great template but I made some modifications to suit my needs. I also added some code from another template by to make the history and NOAA Tables. There is also code additions from Björn Torkelsson. A list of the changes are listed below along with instructions to setup the history tables.

  • Added more variables in the skin.conf files to help customize the pages.
  • Removed monthly and yearly summary drop down list and added a separate summaries page.
  • Used all-time records weewx variables to create records table.
  • Added a station page for station information along with links to weather networks where data is sent.
  • Added Menu button for smaller screens.
  • Auto page refresh every ten minutes.
  • Added code from the to produce history tables.The script must be added to WeeWx in order for the - tables to work.
  • Created a PHP page template to view the NOAA climate text files.
  • Add warning if the weather data is old (more than 30 min old). (Written by Björn Torkelsson)
  • Replaced javascript code in the web camera section of index.html with CSS slideshow to allow for more than two web cameras

Responsive Menu:
I added a better responsive menu system that would use less vertical space on smaller screen sizes.

screenshot_20161127-062548 screenshot_20161201-124209

History Table:
The script was part of a template developed by More information on the template is available at and the original template is available on GitHub at I modify the code in to create the right html links in the NOAA climate summary table and wrote a php page to view the summary.


Old Data Alert:
Displays an alert message in the header when weather data is X minutes old. The default is 30 minutes but this can be adjusted in the checkdiff.js file in the js folder.


Installation instructions:
Installing the template is just like installing most other skins. You need to place the skin files in it’s own folder in the /etc/weewx/skins directory. You also need to change the skin variable to the new skin directory name in the weewx.conf file under Standard Reports.

[[StandardReport]] skin = Sofaskin

You also need to put the python script, in the /usr/share/weewx/user directory. The skin.conf already has the code to use the tables so you don’t need to mess with that unless you want to change the colors. More information on and how to use the tables is available through the links below.

IMPORTANT: You should update the variables in the EXTRA section of the skin.conf file to match your station information. Example section below:

    # Template Extras
    # Website URL
    #web_url = 

    # radar
    #radar = '<iframe class="iframe" src=""></iframe>'

    # Lightning map and hyperlink
    #lightning_map =
    #lightning_url = 

    # You. Only shows up in footer
    #you = 
    #emailname = 
    #email =  
    # Camera link
    # camera and cameratitle are arrays of the camera links and camera names. 
    #cameratitle = "Hwy 69 - Amity", "Victory - Five Mile", "Reflection Ridge", "Bridgeview South"
    #camera =,,,  
    # Google Analytics ID
    #googleAnalyticsId = 

    #cwop = 
    #cwop_url = 

If you have problems, you can email me at

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