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(ns clout.core
"Library for parsing the Rails routes syntax."
(:require [clojure.string :as string])
(:import java.util.Map
[ URLDecoder URLEncoder]))
;; Regular expression utilties
(def ^{:private true} re-chars
(set "\\.*+|?()[]{}$^"))
(defn- re-escape
"Escape all special regex chars in a string."
#(if (re-chars %) (str \\ %))))
(defn re-groups*
"More consistant re-groups that always returns a vector of groups, even if
there is only one group."
(for [i (range (.groupCount matcher))]
(.group matcher (inc i))))
;; Route matching
(defn path-decode
"Decode a path segment in a URI. Defaults to using UTF-8 encoding."
(path-decode path "UTF-8"))
([path encoding]
(-> (string/replace path "+" (URLEncoder/encode "+" encoding))
(URLDecoder/decode encoding))))
(defn- assoc-vec
"Associate a key with a value. If the key already exists in the map, create a
vector of values."
[m k v]
(assoc m k
(if-let [cur (m k)]
(if (vector? cur)
(conj cur v)
[cur v])
(defn- assoc-keys-with-groups
"Create a hash-map from a series of regex match groups and a collection of
[groups keys]
(fn [m [k v]] (assoc-vec m k v))
(map vector keys groups)))
(defn- request-url
"Return the complete URL for the request."
(str (name (:scheme request))
(get-in request [:headers "host"])
(:uri request)))
(defn- path-info
"Return the path info for the request."
(or (:path-info request)
(:uri request)))
(defprotocol Route
(route-matches [route request]
"If the route matches the supplied request, the matched keywords are
returned as a map. Otherwise, nil is returned."))
(defrecord CompiledRoute [re keys absolute?]
(route-matches [route request]
(let [path-info (if absolute?
(request-url request)
(path-info request))
matcher (re-matcher re path-info)]
(if (.matches matcher)
(map path-decode (re-groups* matcher))
;; Compile routes
(defn- lex-1
"Lex one symbol from a string, and return the symbol and trailing source."
[src clauses]
(fn [[re action]]
(let [matcher (re-matcher re src)]
(if (.lookingAt matcher)
[(if (fn? action) (action matcher) action)
(.substring src (.end matcher))])))
(partition 2 clauses)))
(defn- lex
"Lex a string into tokens by matching against regexs and evaluating
the matching associated function."
[src & clauses]
(loop [results []
src src
clauses clauses]
(if-let [[result src] (lex-1 src clauses)]
(let [results (conj results result)]
(if (= src "")
(recur results src clauses))))))
(defn- absolute-url?
"True if the path contains an absolute or scheme-relative URL."
(boolean (re-matches #"(https?:)?//.*" path)))
(defn route-compile
"Compile a path string using the routes syntax into a uri-matcher struct."
(route-compile path {}))
([path regexs]
(let [splat #"\*"
word #":([\p{L}_][\p{L}_0-9-]*)"
literal #"(:[^\p{L}_*]|[^:*])+"
word-group #(keyword (.group % 1))
word-regex #(regexs (word-group %) "[^/,;?]+")]
(apply str
(lex path
splat "(.*?)"
#"^//" "https?://"
word #(str "(" (word-regex %) ")")
literal #(re-escape (.group %)))))
(remove nil?
(lex path
splat :*
word word-group
literal nil))
(absolute-url? path)))))
(extend-type String
(route-matches [route request]
(route-matches (route-compile route) request)))
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