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(ns compojure.core
"A concise syntax for generating Ring handlers."
(:require [clojure.string :as str])
(:use clout.core
[clojure.contrib.def :only (name-with-attributes)]))
(defn- method-matches
"True if this request matches the supplied method."
[method request]
(let [request-method (request :request-method)
form-method (get-in request [:form-params "_method"])]
(or (nil? method)
(if (and form-method (= request-method :post))
(= (str/upper-case (name method)) form-method)
(= method request-method)))))
(defn- prepare-route
"Pre-compile the route."
(string? route)
`(route-compile ~route)
(vector? route)
~(first route)
~(apply hash-map (rest route)))
`(if (string? ~route)
(route-compile ~route)
(defn- assoc-route-params
"Associate route parameters with the request map."
[request params]
(merge-with merge request {:route-params params, :params params}))
(defn- assoc-&-binding [binds req sym]
(assoc binds sym `(dissoc (:params ~req)
~@(map keyword (keys binds))
~@(map str (keys binds)))))
(defn- assoc-symbol-binding [binds req sym]
(assoc binds sym `(get-in ~req [:params ~(keyword sym)]
(get-in ~req [:params ~(str sym)]))))
(defn- vector-bindings
"Create the bindings for a vector of parameters."
[args req]
(loop [args args, binds {}]
(if-let [sym (first args)]
(= '& sym)
(recur (nnext args) (assoc-&-binding binds req (second args)))
(= :as sym)
(recur (nnext args) (assoc binds (second args) req))
(symbol? sym)
(recur (next args) (assoc-symbol-binding binds req sym))
(throw (Exception. (str "Unexpected binding: " sym))))
(mapcat identity binds))))
(defmacro bind-request [request bindings & body]
(if (vector? bindings)
`(let [~@(vector-bindings bindings request)] ~@body)
`(let [~bindings ~request] ~@body)))
(defn- compile-route
"Compile a route in the form (method path & body) into a function."
[method route bindings body]
`(let [route# ~(prepare-route route)]
(fn [request#]
(if (#'method-matches ~method request#)
(if-let [route-params# (route-matches route# request#)]
(let [request# (#'assoc-route-params request# route-params#)]
(bind-request request# ~bindings
(render (do ~@body) request#))))))))
(defn routing
"Apply a list of routes to a Ring request map."
[request & handlers]
(some #(% request) handlers))
(defn routes
"Create a Ring handler by combining several handlers into one."
[& handlers]
#(apply routing % handlers))
(defmacro defroutes
"Define a Ring handler function from a sequence of routes. The name may be
optionally be followed by a doc-string and metadata map."
[name & routes]
(let [[name routes] (name-with-attributes name routes)]
`(def ~name (routes ~@routes))))
(defmacro GET "Generate a GET route."
[path args & body]
(compile-route :get path args body))
(defmacro POST "Generate a POST route."
[path args & body]
(compile-route :post path args body))
(defmacro PUT "Generate a PUT route."
[path args & body]
(compile-route :put path args body))
(defmacro DELETE "Generate a DELETE route."
[path args & body]
(compile-route :delete path args body))
(defmacro HEAD "Generate a HEAD route."
[path args & body]
(compile-route :head path args body))
(defmacro ANY "Generate a route that matches any method."
[path args & body]
(compile-route nil path args body))
(defn- remove-suffix [path suffix]
(subs path 0 (- (count path) (count suffix))))
(defn- set-context [request params]
(let [uri (:uri request)
path (:path-info request uri)
context (or (:context request) "")
subpath (params :__path-info)]
(-> request
(assoc :path-info (if (= subpath "") "/" subpath))
(assoc :context (remove-suffix uri subpath))
(assoc-route-params (dissoc params :__path-info)))))
(defn- context-route [route]
(let [re-context {:__path-info #"|/.*"}]
(string? route)
`(route-compile ~(str route ":__path-info") ~re-context)
(vector? route)
~(str (first route) ":__path-info")
~(merge (apply hash-map (rest route)) re-context)))))
(defmacro context
[path args & routes]
`(let [route# ~(context-route path)]
(fn [request#]
(if-let [route-params# (route-matches route# request#)]
(let [request# (#'set-context request# route-params#)]
(bind-request request# ~args
(routing request# ~@routes)))))))
(defn- middleware-sym [x]
(symbol (namespace x) (str "wrap-" (name x))))
(defn- ->middleware
"Turn a keyword into a wrapper function symbol.
e.g. :test => wrap-test
(:test x) => (wrap-test x)"
(keyword? kw)
(middleware-sym kw)
(and (seq? kw) (keyword? (first kw)))
(cons (middleware-sym (first kw)) (rest kw))
(defmacro wrap!
"DEPRECATED: Use '->' instead.
Wrap a handler in middleware functions. Uses the same syntax as the ->
macro. Additionally, keywords may be used to denote a leading 'wrap-'.
(wrap! foo (:session cookie-store))
=> (wrap! foo (wrap-session cookie-store))
=> (def foo (wrap-session foo cookie-store))"
{:deprecated "0.6.0"}
[handler & funcs]
(let [funcs (map ->middleware funcs)]
(var ~handler)
(constantly (-> ~handler ~@funcs)))))
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