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(ns compojure.core
"A DSL for building Ring handlers from smaller routes.
Compojure routes are semantically the same as Ring handlers, with the
exception that routes may return nil to indicate they do not match.
This namespace provides functions and macros for concisely constructing
routes and combining them together to form more complex functions."
(:require [compojure.response :as response]
[ :as macro]
[clout.core :as clout]
[ring.util.codec :as codec]
[medley.core :refer [map-vals]]))
(defn- method-matches? [method request]
(let [request-method (request :request-method)
form-method (or (get-in request [:form-params "_method"])
(get-in request [:multipart-params "_method"]))]
(if (and form-method (= request-method :post))
(.equalsIgnoreCase (name method) form-method)
(= method request-method))))
(defn- if-method [method handler]
(fn [request]
(or (nil? method) (method-matches? method request))
(handler request)
(and (= :get method) (= :head (:request-method request)))
(if-let [response (handler request)]
(assoc response :body nil)))))
(defn- decode-route-params [params]
(map-vals codec/url-decode params))
(defn- assoc-route-params [request params]
(merge-with merge request {:route-params params, :params params}))
(defn- if-route [route handler]
(fn [request]
(if-let [params (clout/route-matches route request)]
(handler (assoc-route-params request (decode-route-params params))))))
(defn- literal? [x]
(if (coll? x)
(every? literal? x)
(not (or (symbol? x) (list? x)))))
(defn- prepare-route [route]
(string? route)
(clout/route-compile route)
(and (vector? route) (literal? route))
(first route)
(apply hash-map (rest route)))
(vector? route)
~(first route)
~(apply hash-map (rest route)))
`(if (string? ~route)
(clout/route-compile ~route)
(defn- assoc-&-binding [binds req sym]
(assoc binds sym `(dissoc (:params ~req)
~@(map keyword (keys binds))
~@(map str (keys binds)))))
(defn- assoc-symbol-binding [binds req sym]
(assoc binds sym `(get-in ~req [:params ~(keyword sym)]
(get-in ~req [:params ~(str sym)]))))
(defn- vector-bindings [args req]
(loop [args args, binds {}]
(if-let [sym (first args)]
(= '& sym)
(recur (nnext args) (assoc-&-binding binds req (second args)))
(= :as sym)
(recur (nnext args) (assoc binds (second args) req))
(symbol? sym)
(recur (next args) (assoc-symbol-binding binds req sym))
(throw (Exception. (str "Unexpected binding: " sym))))
(mapcat identity binds))))
(defn- warn-on-*-bindings! [bindings]
(when (and (vector? bindings) (contains? (set bindings) '*))
(binding [*out* *err*]
(println "WARNING: * should not be used as a route binding."))))
(defmacro ^:no-doc let-request [[bindings request] & body]
(warn-on-*-bindings! bindings)
(if (vector? bindings)
`(let [~@(vector-bindings bindings request)] ~@body)
`(let [~bindings ~request] ~@body)))
(defn- wrap-route-middleware [handler]
(fn [request]
(if-let [mw (:route-middleware request)]
((mw handler) request)
(handler request))))
(defn make-route
"Returns a function that will only call the handler if the method and path
match the request."
[method path handler]
(if-method method
(if-route path
(fn [request]
(response/render (handler request) request))))))
(defn compile-route
"Compile a route in the form (method path bindings & body) into a function.
Used to create custom route macros."
[method path bindings body]
~method ~(prepare-route path)
(fn [request#]
(let-request [~bindings request#] ~@body))))
(defn routing
"Apply a list of routes to a Ring request map."
[request & handlers]
(some #(% request) handlers))
(defn routes
"Create a Ring handler by combining several handlers into one."
[& handlers]
#(apply routing % handlers))
(defmacro defroutes
"Define a Ring handler function from a sequence of routes. The name may
optionally be followed by a doc-string and metadata map."
[name & routes]
(let [[name routes] (macro/name-with-attributes name routes)]
`(def ~name (routes ~@routes))))
(defmacro GET "Generate a GET route."
[path args & body]
(compile-route :get path args body))
(defmacro POST "Generate a POST route."
[path args & body]
(compile-route :post path args body))
(defmacro PUT "Generate a PUT route."
[path args & body]
(compile-route :put path args body))
(defmacro DELETE "Generate a DELETE route."
[path args & body]
(compile-route :delete path args body))
(defmacro HEAD "Generate a HEAD route."
[path args & body]
(compile-route :head path args body))
(defmacro OPTIONS "Generate an OPTIONS route."
[path args & body]
(compile-route :options path args body))
(defmacro PATCH "Generate a PATCH route."
[path args & body]
(compile-route :patch path args body))
(defmacro ANY "Generate a route that matches any method."
[path args & body]
(compile-route nil path args body))
(defmacro rfn "Generate a route that matches any method and path."
[args & body]
(fn [request#]
(let [result# (let-request [~args request#] ~@body)
response# (response/render result# request#)]
(if (and response# (= :head (:request-method request#)))
(assoc response# :body nil)
(defn- remove-suffix [path suffix]
(subs path 0 (- (count path) (count suffix))))
(defn- if-context [route handler]
(fn [request]
(if-let [params (clout/route-matches route request)]
(let [uri (:uri request)
path (:path-info request uri)
context (or (:context request) "")
subpath (:__path-info params)
params (dissoc params :__path-info)]
(-> request
(assoc-route-params (decode-route-params params))
(assoc :path-info (if (= subpath "") "/" subpath)
:context (remove-suffix uri subpath))))))))
(defn- context-route [route]
(let [re-context {:__path-info #"|/.*"}]
(string? route)
(clout/route-compile (str route ":__path-info") re-context)
(and (vector? route) (literal? route))
(str (first route) ":__path-info")
(merge (apply hash-map (rest route)) re-context))
(vector? route)
(str ~(first route) ":__path-info")
~(merge (apply hash-map (rest route)) re-context))
`(clout/route-compile (str ~route ":__path-info") ~re-context))))
(defmacro context
"Give all routes in the form a common path prefix and set of bindings.
The following example demonstrates defining two routes with a common
path prefix ('/user/:id') and a common binding ('id'):
(context \"/user/:id\" [id]
(GET \"/profile\" [] ...)
(GET \"/settings\" [] ...))"
[path args & routes]
~(context-route path)
(fn [request#]
(let-request [~args request#]
(routing request# ~@routes)))))
(defmacro let-routes
"Takes a vector of bindings and a body of routes. Equivalent to:
(let [...] (routes ...))"
[bindings & body]
`(let ~bindings (routes ~@body)))
(defn- pre-init [middleware]
(let [proxy (middleware (fn [req] ((:route-handler req) req)))]
(fn [handler]
(fn [request]
(proxy (assoc request :route-handler handler))))))
(defn wrap-routes
"Apply a middleware function to routes after they have been matched."
([handler middleware]
(let [middleware (pre-init middleware)]
(fn [request]
(let [mw (:route-middleware request identity)]
(handler (assoc request :route-middleware (comp middleware mw)))))))
([handler middleware & args]
(wrap-routes handler #(apply middleware % args))))
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