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@@ -1,5 +1,6 @@
@@ -1,62 +0,0 @@
Compojure is an open source web framework for the [Clojure](
programming language. It emphasizes a thin I/O layer and a functional approach
to web development.
Compojure is still in active development. The current stable branch has been
released as version 0.3.1.
Sample Code
Here's a small web application written in Compojure:
(use 'compojure)
(defroutes my-app
(GET "/"
(html [:h1 "Hello World"]))
(ANY "*"
(run-server {:port 8080}
"/*" (servlet my-app))
To run Compojure, you'll need:
* The [Clojure]( programming language
* The [Clojure-Contrib]( library
* A Java servlet container like [Jetty](
* Apache Commons [FileUpload](,
[IO]( and
These dependencies can be downloaded automatically using:
ant deps
For information on how to get started and use Compojure, please see our
There is also a rough draft of a [Compojure Tutorial](
available to read.
The [Compojure Group]( is the best place
to ask questions about Compojure, suggest improvements or to report bugs.
Eric Lavigne has written a series of excellent tutorials on Compojure:
* [Install Compojure on a Slicehost VPS](
* [Using PostgreSQL with Compojure](
* [Compojure security: authentication and authorization](
@@ -0,0 +1,51 @@
Compojure is a small, open source web framework for the
[Clojure]( programming language.
This is the latest development version of Compojure. For the latest stable
version, see [0.3.2](
An Example
Here's a small web application written using Compojure,
[Ring]( and
(ns hello-world
(:use [compojure.core :only (defroutes GET ANY)]
[hiccup.core :only (html)]
[ring.adapter.jetty :only (run-jetty)]
[ring.util.response :only (redirect)]))
(defroutes main-routes
(GET "/" []
(redirect "/world"))
(GET "/:name" [name]
(html [:h1 "Hello " name]))
(ANY "*" {uri :uri}
{:status 404
:body (html [:h1 "Page not found: " uri])}))
(run-jetty main-routes {:port 8080})
The easiest way to use Compojure in your own projects is via
[Leiningen]( Add the following
dependency to your project.clj file:
[compojure "0.4.0-SNAPSHOT"]
To build Compojure from source, run the following commands:
lein deps
lein jar
Mailing List
Compojure has a [Google Group]( This
is the best place to ask questions and report bugs.
@@ -1,90 +0,0 @@
<project name="compojure" default="jar">
Compojure library package.
<property name="build.dir" location="classes"/>
<property name="deps.dir" location="deps"/>
<property name="source.dir" location="src"/>
<property name="tests.dir" location="test"/>
<property name="compojure.jar" location="compojure.jar"/>
<property name="deps.file" value=""/>
<property name="deps.url" value="${deps.file}"/>
<path id="classpath">
<path location="${build.dir}"/>
<path location="${source.dir}"/>
<fileset dir="${deps.dir}">
<include name="*.jar"/>
<target name="clean" description="Remove generated files">
<delete file="${compojure.jar}"/>
<delete dir="${build.dir}"/>
<target name="init" depends="clean">
<mkdir dir="${build.dir}"/>
<target name="compile" depends="compile-compojure, compile-grizzly-server" description="Compile sources."/>
<target name="compile-compojure" depends="init" description="Compile compojure sources">
<java classname="clojure.lang.Compile" fork="true">
<sysproperty key="clojure.compile.path" value="${build.dir}"/>
<classpath refid="classpath"/>
<arg value="compojure"/>
<arg value="compojure.control"/>
<arg value="compojure.html"/>
<arg value="compojure.html.gen"/>
<arg value="compojure.html.form-helpers"/>
<arg value=""/>
<arg value="compojure.http"/>
<arg value="compojure.http.routes"/>
<arg value="compojure.http.request"/>
<arg value="compojure.http.response"/>
<arg value="compojure.http.session"/>
<arg value="compojure.http.servlet"/>
<arg value="compojure.http.helpers"/>
<arg value="compojure.ns-utils"/>
<arg value="compojure.server.common"/>
<arg value="compojure.server.jetty"/>
<arg value="compojure.str-utils"/>
<arg value="compojure.validation"/>
<target name="compile-grizzly-server" depends="compile-compojure" description="Compile Grizzly server" if="with.grizzly">
<java classname="clojure.lang.Compile">
<sysproperty key="clojure.compile.path" value="${build.dir}"/>
<classpath refid="classpath"/>
<arg value="compojure.server.grizzly"/>
<target name="test" description="Run tests">
<java fork="true" classname="clojure.main" failonerror="true">
<path refid="classpath"/>
<path location="${tests.dir}"/>
<path location="."/>
<arg value="${tests.dir}/run.clj"/>
<target name="jar" description="Create jar file" depends="compile">
<jar jarfile="${compojure.jar}">
<path location="LICENSE"/>
<fileset dir="${source.dir}" includes="**/*.clj"/>
<fileset dir="${build.dir}" includes="**/*.class"/>
<target name="deps" description="Download dependencies and unzip">
<get usetimestamp="true" description="Clojure dependencies." src="${deps.url}" dest="${deps.file}"/>
<unzip src="${deps.file}" dest="."/>
@@ -1,27 +1,10 @@
(defproject compojure "0.3.2"
(defproject compojure "0.4.0-SNAPSHOT"
:description "A concise web framework for Clojure"
:url "http://github/weavejester/compojure/tree/refactor"
:dependencies [[org.clojure/clojure "1.1.0"]
[org.clojure/clojure-contrib "1.0-SNAPSHOT"]
[commons-codec "1.3"]
[commons-io "1.4"]
[commons-fileupload "1.2.1"]
[org.mortbay.jetty/jetty "6.1.21"]]
:dev-dependencies [[lein-clojars "0.5.0-SNAPSHOT"]]
:namespaces [compojure
[org.clojure/clojure-contrib "1.1.0"]
[clout "0.2.0-SNAPSHOT"]
[ring/ring-core "0.2.0-RC2"]]
:dev-dependencies [[lein-clojars "0.5.0-SNAPSHOT"]
[ring/ring-jetty-adapter "0.2.0-RC2"]
[hiccup "0.2.1"]])
@@ -1,29 +0,0 @@
;; Copyright (c) James Reeves. All rights reserved.
;; The use and distribution terms for this software are covered by the Eclipse
;; Public License 1.0 ( which
;; can be found in the file epl-v10.html at the root of this distribution. By
;; using this software in any fashion, you are agreeing to be bound by the
;; terms of this license. You must not remove this notice, or any other, from
;; this software.
(ns compojure
"Convenience library that includes every compojure.* namespace. If you want
to access Compojure quickly, and don't care about having everything in one
namespace, just use or require 'compojure."
(:use compojure.ns-utils))
@@ -1,73 +0,0 @@
;; Copyright (c) James Reeves. All rights reserved.
;; The use and distribution terms for this software are covered by the Eclipse
;; Public License 1.0 ( which
;; can be found in the file epl-v10.html at the root of this distribution. By
;; using this software in any fashion, you are agreeing to be bound by the
;; terms of this license. You must not remove this notice, or any other, from
;; this software.
(ns compojure.control
"Various macros for controling program flow."
(:use clojure.contrib.seq-utils))
(defmacro return
"A do block that will always return the argument 'x'."
[x & body]
`(let [x# ~x]
(do ~@body x#)))
(defmacro maybe
"Returns (f x & xs) if x is not nil, otherwise returns nil."
[f x & xs]
`(if (not (nil? ~x))
(~f ~x ~@xs)))
(defmacro domap
"Similar to doseq, but collects the results into a sequence."
[[item list] & body]
`(map (fn [~item] ~@body) (doall ~list)))
(defmacro redef
"Redefine an existing value, keeping the metadata intact."
[name value]
`(let [m# (meta #'~name)
v# (def ~name ~value)]
(alter-meta! v# merge m#)
(defmacro decorate
"Wrap a function in one or more decorators."
[func & decorators]
`(redef ~func (-> ~func ~@decorators)))
(defmacro decorate-with
"Wrap multiple functions in a decorator."
[decorator & funcs]
`(do ~@(for [f funcs]
`(redef ~f (~decorator ~f)))))
(defmacro decorate-bind
"Wrap named functions in a decorator for a bounded scope."
[decorator funcs & body]
[~@(mapcat (fn [f] [f (list decorator f)]) funcs)]
(defn apply-doc
"Return a symbol and body with an optional docstring applied."
[name doc? body]
(if (string? doc?)
(list* (with-meta name (assoc (meta name) :doc doc?)) body)
(list* name doc? body)))
(defmacro deftmpl
"Define a template function. Arguments are passed via key-value pairs.
e.g. (deftmpl foo [bar baz] (+ bar baz))
(foo :bar 1 :baz 2)"
[name doc? & body]
(let [[name params & body] (apply-doc name doc? body)]
`(defn ~name
[& param-map#]
(let [{:keys ~params} (apply hash-map param-map#)]
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