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(ns hiccup.compiler
"Internal functions for compilation."
(:require [hiccup.util :as util]
[clojure.string :as str])
(:import [clojure.lang IPersistentVector ISeq Named]
[hiccup.util RawString]))
(defn- xml-mode? []
(#{:xml :xhtml} util/*html-mode*))
(defn- html-mode? []
(#{:html :xhtml} util/*html-mode*))
(defn escape-html
"Change special characters into HTML character entities if
hiccup.util/*escape-strings* is true."
(if util/*escape-strings?*
(util/escape-html text)
(defn- end-tag []
(if (xml-mode?) " />" ">"))
(defn- render-style-map [value]
(->> value
(map (fn [[k v]] (str (util/as-str k) ":" v ";")))
(apply str)))
(defn- render-attr-value [value]
(map? value)
(render-style-map value)
(sequential? value)
(str/join " " value)
(defn- xml-attribute [name value]
(str " " (util/as-str name) "=\"" (util/escape-html (render-attr-value value)) "\""))
(defn- render-attribute [[name value]]
(true? value)
(if (xml-mode?)
(xml-attribute name name)
(str " " (util/as-str name)))
(not value)
(xml-attribute name value)))
(defn render-attr-map
"Render a map of attributes."
(apply str (sort (map render-attribute attrs))))
(def ^{:doc "Regular expression that parses a CSS-style id and class from an element name."
:private true}
re-tag #"([^\s\.#]+)(?:#([^\s\.#]+))?(?:\.([^\s#]+))?")
(def ^{:doc "A list of elements that must be rendered without a closing tag."
:private true}
#{"area" "base" "br" "col" "command" "embed" "hr" "img" "input" "keygen" "link"
"meta" "param" "source" "track" "wbr"})
(defn- container-tag?
"Returns true if the tag has content or is not a void tag. In non-HTML modes,
all contentless tags are assumed to be void tags."
[tag content]
(or content
(and (html-mode?) (not (void-tags tag)))))
(defn merge-classes [class classes]
(nil? class) classes
(string? class) (str classes " " class)
:else (str classes " " (str/join " " class))))
(declare literal?)
(defn- merge-classes-form [class-form classes]
(if (literal? class-form)
(merge-classes class-form classes)
`(merge-classes ~class-form ~classes)))
(defn- merge-attributes [map-attrs id classes]
(-> map-attrs
(cond-> id (assoc :id (or (:id map-attrs) id)))
(cond-> classes (assoc :class (merge-classes (:class map-attrs) classes)))))
(defn- merge-attributes-form [map-attrs id classes]
(-> map-attrs
(cond-> id (assoc :id (or (:id map-attrs) id)))
(cond-> classes (assoc :class (merge-classes-form (:class map-attrs) classes)))))
(defn- normalize-element*
[[tag & content] merge-attributes-fn]
(when (not (or (keyword? tag) (symbol? tag) (string? tag)))
(throw (IllegalArgumentException. (str tag " is not a valid element name."))))
(let [[_ tag id class] (re-matches re-tag (util/as-str tag))
classes (if class (str/replace class "." " "))
map-attrs (first content)]
(if (map? map-attrs)
[tag (merge-attributes-fn map-attrs id classes) (next content)]
[tag {:id id, :class classes} content])))
(defn normalize-element
"Ensure an element vector is of the form [tag-name attrs content]."
[[tag & content :as tag-content]]
(normalize-element* tag-content merge-attributes))
(defn- normalize-element-form
[[tag & content :as tag-content]]
(normalize-element* tag-content merge-attributes-form))
(defprotocol HtmlRenderer
(render-html [this]
"Turn a Clojure data type into a string of HTML."))
(defn render-element
"Render an element vector as a HTML element."
(let [[tag attrs content] (normalize-element element)]
(if (container-tag? tag content)
(str "<" tag (render-attr-map attrs) ">"
(render-html content)
"</" tag ">")
(str "<" tag (render-attr-map attrs) (end-tag)))))
(extend-protocol HtmlRenderer
(render-html [this]
(render-element this))
(render-html [this]
(apply str (map render-html this)))
(render-html [this]
(str this))
(render-html [this]
(escape-html (name this)))
(render-html [this]
(escape-html (str this)))
(render-html [this]
(defn- unevaluated?
"True if the expression has not been evaluated."
(or (symbol? expr)
(and (seq? expr)
(not= (first expr) `quote))))
(defn compile-attr-map
"Returns an unevaluated form that will render the supplied map as HTML
(if (some unevaluated? (mapcat identity attrs))
`(render-attr-map ~attrs)
(render-attr-map attrs)))
(defn- form-name
"Get the name of the supplied form."
(if (and (seq? form) (symbol? (first form)))
(name (first form))))
(declare compile-html)
(defmulti compile-form
"Pre-compile certain standard forms, where possible."
{:private true}
(defmethod compile-form "for"
[[_ bindings body]]
`(apply str (for ~bindings ~(compile-html body))))
(defmethod compile-form "if"
[[_ condition & body]]
`(if ~condition ~@(for [x body] (compile-html x))))
(defmethod compile-form :default
`(render-html ~expr))
(defn- not-hint?
"True if x is not hinted to be the supplied type."
[x type]
(if-let [hint (-> x meta :tag)]
(not (isa? (eval hint) type))))
(defn- hint?
"True if x is hinted to be the supplied type."
[x type]
(if-let [hint (-> x meta :tag)]
(isa? (eval hint) type)))
(defn- literal?
"True if x is a literal value that can be rendered as-is."
(and (not (unevaluated? x))
(or (not (or (vector? x) (map? x)))
(every? literal? x))))
(defn- not-implicit-map?
"True if we can infer that x is not a map."
(or (= (form-name x) "for")
(not (unevaluated? x))
(not-hint? x java.util.Map)))
(defn- element-compile-strategy
"Returns the compilation strategy to use for a given element."
[[tag attrs & content :as element]]
(every? literal? element)
::all-literal ; e.g. [:span "foo"]
(and (literal? tag) (map? attrs))
::literal-tag-and-attributes ; e.g. [:span {} x]
(and (literal? tag) (not-implicit-map? attrs))
::literal-tag-and-no-attributes ; e.g. [:span ^String x]
(literal? tag)
::literal-tag ; e.g. [:span x]
::default)) ; e.g. [x]
(declare compile-seq)
(defmulti compile-element
"Returns an unevaluated form that will render the supplied vector as a HTML
{:private true}
(defmethod compile-element ::all-literal
(render-element (eval element)))
(defmethod compile-element ::literal-tag-and-attributes
[[tag attrs & content]]
(let [[tag attrs _] (normalize-element-form [tag attrs])]
(if (container-tag? tag content)
`(str ~(str "<" tag) ~(compile-attr-map attrs) ">"
~@(compile-seq content)
~(str "</" tag ">"))
`(str "<" ~tag ~(compile-attr-map attrs) ~(end-tag)))))
(defmethod compile-element ::literal-tag-and-no-attributes
[[tag & content]]
(compile-element (apply vector tag {} content)))
(defmethod compile-element ::literal-tag
[[tag attrs & content]]
(let [[tag tag-attrs _] (normalize-element-form [tag])
attrs-sym (gensym "attrs")]
`(let [~attrs-sym ~attrs]
(if (map? ~attrs-sym)
~(if (container-tag? tag content)
`(str ~(str "<" tag)
(render-attr-map (merge ~tag-attrs ~attrs-sym)) ">"
~@(compile-seq content)
~(str "</" tag ">"))
`(str ~(str "<" tag)
(render-attr-map (merge ~tag-attrs ~attrs-sym))
~(if (container-tag? tag attrs)
`(str ~(str "<" tag (render-attr-map tag-attrs) ">")
~@(compile-seq (cons attrs-sym content))
~(str "</" tag ">"))
(str "<" tag (render-attr-map tag-attrs) (end-tag)))))))
(defmethod compile-element :default
[~(first element)
~@(for [x (rest element)]
(if (vector? x)
(compile-element x)
(defn- compile-seq
"Compile a sequence of data-structures into HTML."
(doall (for [expr content]
(vector? expr) (compile-element expr)
(string? expr) (escape-html expr)
(keyword? expr) (escape-html (name expr))
(util/raw-string? expr) expr
(literal? expr) (escape-html expr)
(hint? expr String) `(escape-html ~expr)
(hint? expr Number) expr
(seq? expr) (compile-form expr)
:else `(render-html ~expr)))))
(defn- collapse-strs
"Collapse nested str expressions into one, where possible."
(if (seq? expr)
(first expr)
#(if (and (seq? %) (symbol? (first %)) (= (first %) (first expr) `str))
(rest (collapse-strs %))
(list (collapse-strs %)))
(rest expr)))
(defn compile-html
"Pre-compile data structures into HTML where possible."
[& content]
(collapse-strs `(str ~@(compile-seq content))))
(defn- binding* [var val func]
(push-thread-bindings {var val})
(try (func)
(finally (pop-thread-bindings))))
(defn- compile-multi [var-sym vals step]
(let [var (find-var var-sym)
compiled-forms (->> vals
(map (fn [v] [v (binding* var v step)]))
(into {}))
distinct-forms (->> compiled-forms
(group-by second)
(map (fn [[k v]] [(map first v) k])))]
(= (count distinct-forms) 1)
(second (first distinct-forms))
(= (set vals) #{true false})
`(if ~var-sym ~(compiled-forms true) ~(compiled-forms false))
`(case ~var-sym ~@(apply concat distinct-forms)))))
(defn compile-html-with-bindings
"Pre-compile data structures into HTML where possible, while taking into
account bindings that modify the result like *html-mode*."
[& content]
(let [step1 (fn [] (apply compile-html content))
step2 (fn [] (compile-multi `util/*escape-strings?* [true false] step1))
step3 (fn [] (compile-multi `util/*html-mode* [:html :xhtml :xml :sgml] step2))]