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Cleaned up defmigration macro and the Migration protocol, moved prepa…

…re-body inside defmigration as an anonymous function.
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commit 07108f4db3960d034ca7037f1366c845882dd878 1 parent 25ee64a
@budu budu authored
Showing with 13 additions and 13 deletions.
  1. +13 −13 src/lobos/migration.clj
26 src/lobos/migration.clj
@@ -89,28 +89,28 @@
(defprotocol Migration
"The migration protocol is meant to be reified into a single migration
unit. See the defmigration macro, *For internal use*."
- (up [cnx-or-schema])
- (down [cnx-or-schema]))
-(defn prepare-body
- "*For internal use*."
- [body]
- `(do ~@(rest body)))
+ (up [_])
+ (down [_]))
(defmacro defmigration
- ""
+ "Defines a migration to be used by the migration commands. The code
+ contained inside the up section is used to modify a database using
+ Lobos' actions, while the down section revert those changes.
+ (defmigration create-users
+ (up (create (table :users (integer :id :primary-key))))
+ (down (drop (table :users (integer :id :primary-key)))))"
{:arglists '([name doc-string? attr-map? & bodies])}
[name & args]
- (let [[name args] (name-with-attributes name args)
+ (let [prepare-body #(conj (rest %) 'do)
+ [name args] (name-with-attributes name args)
[migrate-up migrate-down] args]
(def ~name
(reify Migration
- (up [cnx-or-schema]
- ~(prepare-body migrate-up))
- (down [cnx-or-schema]
- ~(prepare-body migrate-down)))
+ (up [_] ~(prepare-body migrate-up))
+ (down [_] ~(prepare-body migrate-down)))
(.meta #'~name)))
(swap! migrations conj ~name))))
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