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Made test db-specs unsafe.

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1 parent d13996b commit 0c274e6d582e943187a21e5b0f1ec7f55b27e79d @budu budu committed Aug 21, 2011
Showing with 10 additions and 5 deletions.
  1. +10 −5 test/lobos/test.clj
15 test/lobos/test.clj
@@ -19,35 +19,40 @@
(def h2-spec
{:classname "org.h2.Driver"
:subprotocol "h2"
- :subname "./lobos"})
+ :subname "./lobos"
+ :unsafe true})
(def mysql-spec
{:classname "com.mysql.jdbc.Driver"
:subprotocol "mysql"
:user "lobos"
:password "lobos"
- :subname "//localhost:3306/"})
+ :subname "//localhost:3306/"
+ :unsafe true})
(def postgresql-spec
{:classname "org.postgresql.Driver"
:subprotocol "postgresql"
:user "lobos"
:password "lobos"
- :subname "//localhost:5432/lobos"})
+ :subname "//localhost:5432/lobos"
+ :unsafe true})
(def sqlite-spec
{:classname "org.sqlite.JDBC"
:subprotocol "sqlite"
:subname "./lobos.sqlite3"
- :create true})
+ :create true
+ :unsafe true})
(def sqlserver-spec
{:classname ""
:subprotocol "sqlserver"
:user "lobos"
:password "lobos"
:subname "//localhost:1433"
- :databaseName "lobos"})
+ :databaseName "lobos"
+ :unsafe true})
(def db-specs [h2-spec

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