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(ns progrock.core
"A namespace for generating textual progress bars in a functional way."
(:refer-clojure :exclude [print])
(:require [clojure.core :as core]
[clojure.string :as str]))
(defn progress-bar
"Create an immutable data structure representing a progress bar for the
specified total."
{:progress 0
:total total
:done? false
:creation-time (System/currentTimeMillis)})
(defn tick
"Return a new progress bar that has been incremented by the supplied amount,
or by 1, if no amount was supplied."
(tick bar 1))
([bar amount]
(update-in bar [:progress] + amount)))
(defn done
"Return a new progress bar that has been marked as 'done'."
(assoc bar :done? true))
(defn- keyword-replace [string keywords]
(reduce-kv #(str/replace %1 (str %2) (str %3)) string keywords))
(defn- bar-text [{:keys [progress total]} {:keys [length complete incomplete]}]
(let [completed-ratio (if (pos? total) (/ progress total) 0)
completed-length (int (* completed-ratio length))]
(str (apply str (repeat completed-length complete))
(apply str (repeat (- length completed-length) incomplete)))))
(defn- align-right [text size]
(str (apply str (repeat (- size (count text)) \space)) text))
(defn- percent [x total]
(if (pos? total) (int (* 100 (/ x total))) 0))
(defn- interval-str [milliseconds]
(if (nil? milliseconds)
(let [seconds (mod (int (/ milliseconds 1000)) 60)
minutes (int (/ milliseconds 60000))]
(format "%02d:%02d" minutes seconds))))
(defn- elapsed-time [{:keys [creation-time]}]
(- (System/currentTimeMillis) creation-time))
(defn- remaining-time [{:keys [progress total] :as bar}]
(let [elapsed (elapsed-time bar)]
(if (and (pos? progress) (pos? total))
(- (/ elapsed (/ progress total)) elapsed))))
(def default-render-options
"A map of default options for the render function."
{:length 50
:format ":progress/:total :percent% [:bar] ETA: :remaining"
:complete \=
:incomplete \space})
(defn render
"Render a progress bar as a string. Takes an optional map of profiles, which
connects state keywords to maps of display options. The following display
options are allowed:
:format - a format string for the progress bar
:length - the length of the bar
:complete - the character to use for a completed chunk
:incomplete - the character to use for an incomplete chunk
The format string determines how the bar is displayed, with the following
:bar - the progress bar itself
:progress - the number of complete items
:total - the total number of items
:percent - the percentage done
:elapsed - the elapsed time in minutes and seconds
:remaining - the estimated remaining time in minutes and seconds"
(render bar {}))
([{:keys [state progress total] :as bar} options]
(let [options (merge default-render-options options)]
(:format options)
{:bar (bar-text bar options)
:progress (align-right (str progress) (count (str total)))
:total (str total)
:percent (align-right (str (percent progress total)) 3)
:elapsed (interval-str (elapsed-time bar))
:remaining (interval-str (remaining-time bar))}))))
(defn print
"Prints a progress bar, overwriting any existing progress bar on the same
line. If the progress bar is done, a new line is printed."
(print bar {}))
([bar options]
(core/print (str "\r" (render bar options)))
(when (:done? bar) (newline))
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