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The 21st Century Academic: Smart, Savvy and Social

Created by Dr Virginia Barbour (AOASG) and Natasha Simons (ANDS) with input from QUT library staff and Creative Commons Australia.

This workshop was delivered on Wednesday 8 February 2017 as part of the 2017 Brisbane Research Bazaar, at the Centre for Digital Scholarship, UQ Library, The University of Queensland.


  • A laptop or mobile device such as a tablet or Chromebook
  • Come prepared to pitch your research to a journalist
  • Please answer this quiz before you arrive

The workshop

It is not easy to be an academic/researcher in the 21st century. The rapidly changing scholarly communication landscape demands an ever-wider, ever-expanding variety of skills, abilities and knowledge. While the past was all about publications, the present is about publishing all of your research outputs in an environment where governments, publishers and funders demand transparency, reproducibility and open research. With the proliferation of online journals and websites, you will need to navigate a path to publish, license and promote your work and yourself in a highly competitive global research network.

Learning outcomes

In this half-day workshop, you will learn:

  • How to use persistent identifiers, including ORCIDs and DOIs to improve the visibility and citability of both you and your research
  • How to identify physical research objects in an online world
  • How to license your work using the Creative Commons framework
  • How to apply the 'think, check, submit' framework when publishing your research
  • What to do (and what not to do) with your personal (and institutional) website
  • How to get credit for your peer review activities
  • How to pitch your research to journalists


Time Topic Presenter
1:30 pm Welcome and workshop overview Ginny Barbour
1:40 pm Persistent identifiers and research explained:

Hands-on activities

  • Explore DOI search portals
  • Create or enhance your ORCID profile and link your works
  • Learn how to use your ORCID to create an Impact Story profile
Natasha Simons
2:20 pm How to license your work using Creative Commons

If you have something you would like to license using Creative Commons, bring it along! This is the workshop material which you are welcome to take and re-use!

Nerida Quatermass
2:40 pm Applying the 'Think, Check, Submit' framework when publishing your research Paula Callan
3:30 pm Working with websites
  1. What to do/what not to do with your personal website
  2. How can your institutional website work for you?
  3. What about blogs and Twitter?

Presentation here

Some example links of academic promotion:

Other useful links

Natasha and Ginny
3:45 pm How to get credit for your peer review activities
Presentation on Credit for peer review

Check out


Ginny Barbour
4:00 pm Pitch your research to a journalist: come prepared to pitch your work! Sandra Fry
4:20 pm Summing up/conclusion Natasha and Ginny