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Media management bundle on steroid for Symfony2
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MediaBundle - Media management on steroid

The MediaBundle is a media library based on dedicated provider which handle different type of media: file, video or image.

Each type is managed by a provider service which is in charge of :

  • retrieving media metadata
  • generating media thumbnail
  • tweaking the edit form
  • rendering the media

Each media can be linked to a context. A context can be news, user or any name you need. A context allows to regroup a set of picture into one group. As requirement can be different for each context, a context is defined by a set of formats and a set of providers.

As the infrastructure is not standard, the MediaBundle abstracts the filesystem layer and the cdn layer.

The backend is handled by the AdminBundle.

Available services


-         : Image
-          : File
-   : Dailymotion
-         : Vimeo
-       : Youtube


-       : The local filesystem (default)
-         : FTP
-          : Amazon S3
-   : Replicate file to a master and to a slave


-             : The local http server (default)
-            : Panther Portal
-           : Fallback, use the fallback fallback (the http server) if the Media is not yet flushed on the CDN

More services will be available in the futur depend on your contributions :)

More information

You need to go to the Ressources/doc folder where the reStructuredText documentation is available. Please note the Github preview might break and hide some content.


  • thumbnail synchronisation command line
  • CDN Flush command line
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