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This repository is a temporary fork of, which was simplified. The purpose is to have a dummy project that's easy to test against.


For ease, everything you need is included. But, there are a few things to do:

  1. Clone the project onto your computer - somewhere under your web server's document root (where ~/Sites is your document root):
cd ~/Sites
git clone git:// sandbox
  1. Move into the new directory and create a few writable directories
mkdir protected/runtime
chmod 777 protected/runtime

mkdir assets
chmod 777 assets
  1. Create your database

First, create a database called yii_blog_enhanced. Next, import the protected/data/schema.mysql.sql into it. One way to do that is:

mysql -u root yii_blog_enhanced < protected/data/schema.mysql.sql

Finally, if your root MySQL user has no password, you're done. But if your root user does have a password, modify protected/config/main.php and update the username and password.