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Adds a data persistence layer to ioMenuPlugin. Create simple object-oriented menus and then easily persist them to and retrieve them from the database.

This plugin also comes with an admin module to edit the menu items. The admin module is complete with draggable ordering of the menu items.

The majority of the documentation can be found on the ioMenuItemPlugin Menu Reference Manual.


The core purpose of this plugin is to provide a persistence layer to the ioMenuItem objects from the ioMenuPlugin.

Persisting menu items

First, let's create a menu item and persist it to the database.

$menu = new ioMenuItem('root', '@homepage');
$menu->addChild('Sympal', '');
$menu->addChild('Account', '@account')

// persist the menu to the database

There is now a root menu item called root in the ioDoctrineMenuItem model with two children. This model uses Doctrine's nested set.

Retrieving menu items

Next, easily retrieve the menu item from the database. The resulting $menu object is alightweight, easy-to-use ioMenuItem menu tree.

$menu = Doctrine_Core::getTable('ioDoctrineMenuItem')

At this point, you can make changes to your $menu variable and then re-persist to the database. The plugin will update any changes to the nested set in the database.


Additionally, caching of the doctrine menu items is automatically handled if you retrieve the menu items from the menu manager. For example, from the actions:

public function executeIndex(sfWebRequest $request)
  $this->menu = $this->getDoctrineMenu('admin');

You may also retrieve menus in the view, which also enables the automatic caching:

<?php use_helper('DoctrineMenu') ?>
<?php $menu = get_doctrine_menu('admin') ?>


This plugin requires the ioMenuPlugin.

With git

git submodule add git:// plugins/ioDoctrineMenuPlugin
git submodule add git:// plugins/ioMenuPlugin
git submodule init
git submodule update

With subversion

svn propedit svn:externals plugins

In the editor that's displayed, add the following entry and then save


Finally, update:

svn up


In your config/ProjectConfiguration.class.php file, make sure you have the plugin enabled.

$this->enablePlugins('ioMenuPlugin', 'ioDoctrineMenuPlugin');


All configuration for this plugin can be found in the config/app.yml file packaged with the plugin.

The most important configuration options are those related to i18n. To enable internationalization, be sure to set the following in your app.yml file:

    use_i18n: true
      en:   English
      fr:   Français

Care to Contribute?

Please clone and improve this plugin! This plugin is by the community and for the community and I hope it can be final solution for handling menus.

If you have any ideas, notice any bugs, or have any ideas, you can reach me at ryan [at]

A bug tracker is available at

This plugin was taken from sympal CMF and was developed by both Ryan Weaver and Jon Wage.