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A plugin to make arbitrarily large menus easier to write.
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A plugin to make menus easier to write in symfony.

  • Current menu item automatically given active class
  • Menu items automatically given first and last classes
  • Show/hide menus based on authentication, credentials
  • Hide portions of the tree, or render down to a certain depth
  • Menu rendered with "pretty" spacing for easier debugging & styling

Inspired by sympal and the SemanticMenu from Ruby on Rails.

A small book has been written to support this plugin and ioDoctrineMenuItemPlugin: Menu Reference Manual.


Assume any of the routes have been defined in routing.yml:

$menu = new ioMenu();
$menu->addChild('overview', '@homepage');
$menu->addChild('comments', '@comments');
echo $menu->render();

Assuming you are on /comments, the output would be:

<ul class="menu">
  <li class="first">
    <a href="/">overview</a>
  <li class="current last">
    <a href="/comments">comments</a>

The ioMenu class optionally takes an array of attributes as its first argument. You can also nest menus as deeply as you want:

$menu = new ioMenu(array('class' => 'top_level_nav'));
$menu->addChild('overview', '@homepage');
$menu->addChild('comments', '@comments', array('class' => 'button'));

$menu['comments']->addChild('My Comments', '@my_comments');
$menu['comments']->addChild('Recent', '@recent_comments');

echo $menu->render();

Assuming you're in the /my-comments page, the output would be:

<ul class="top_level_nav">
  <li class="first">
    <a href="/">overview</a>
  <li class="button current_ancestor last">
    <a href="/comments">comments</a>
    <ul class="menu_level_1">
      <li class="current first">
        <a href="/my-comments">My Comments</a>
      <li class="last">
        <a href="/recent">Recent</a>


With git

git submodule add git:// plugins/ioMenuPlugin
git submodule init
git submodule update

With subversion

svn propedit svn:externals plugins

In the editor that's displayed, add the following entry and then save


Finally, update:

svn up


In your config/ProjectConfiguration.class.php file, make sure you have the plugin enabled.


In-depth documentation

An in-depth reference manual is available: Menu Reference Manual.

Care to Contribute?

Please clone and improve this plugin! This plugin is by the community and for the community and I hope it can be final solution for handling menus.

If you have any ideas, notice any bugs, or have any ideas, you can reach me at ryan [at]

A bug tracker is available at

This plugin was taken from sympal CMF and was developed by both Ryan Weaver and Jon Wage.

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