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Weave (Web-based Analysis and Visualization Environment)

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This repository is for Weave version 1.9 (Wiki).

To View a running version of Weave click here

For some examples of what you can do with Weave click here


Weave is distributed under the MPL-2.0 license.


Installation Guide


Nightly build


You can find the Admin Console User Guide here

Weave supports integration from multiple data sources including: CSV, GeoJSON, SHP/DBF, CKAN

Additional developer documentation can be found here

Components in this repository:

  • WeaveAPI: ActionScript interface classes.
  • WeaveCore: Core sessioning framework.
  • WeaveData: Data framework. Non-UI features.
  • WeaveUISpark: User interface classes (Spark components).
  • WeaveUI: User interface classes (Halo components).
  • WeaveClient: Flex application for Weave UI.
  • WeaveDesktop: Adobe AIR application front-end for Weave UI.
  • WeaveAdmin: Flex application for admin activities.
  • WeaveServletUtils: Back-end Java webapp libraries.
  • WeaveServices: Back-end Java webapp for Admin and Data server features.
  • GeometryStreamConverter: Java library for converting geometries into a streaming format. Binary included in WeaveServices/lib.
  • JTDS_SqlServerDriver: Java library for handling connections to Microsoft SQL Server. Binary included in WeaveServletUtils/lib.

The bare minimum you need to build Weave is Flex 4.5.1.A and Java EE. However, we recommend the following setup:

To build the projects on the command line, use the build.xml Ant script. To create a ZIP file for deployment on another system (much like the nightlies,) use the dist target.

See for detailed linux install instructions.