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Flagger end-to-end testing

The e2e testing infrastructure is powered by CircleCI and Kubernetes Kind.

CircleCI e2e Istio workflow

  • install latest stable kubectl
  • install Kubernetes Kind
  • create local Kubernetes cluster with kind
  • install latest stable Helm CLI
  • deploy Tiller on the local cluster
  • install Istio CRDs with Helm
  • install Istio control plane and Prometheus with Helm
  • load Flagger image onto the local cluster
  • deploy Flagger in the istio-system namespace
  • create a test namespace with Istio injection enabled
  • deploy the load tester in the test namespace
  • deploy a demo workload (podinfo) in the test namespace
  • test the canary initialization
  • test the canary analysis and promotion using weighted traffic and the load testing webhook
  • test the A/B testing analysis and promotion using cookies filters and pre/post rollout webhooks

CircleCI e2e Linkerd workflow

CircleCI e2e NGINX ingress workflow

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