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Introducing Weave Flux

Continuous delivery is a term that encapsulates a set of best practices that surround building, deploying and monitoring applications. The goal is to provide a sustainable model for maintaining and improving an application.

The promise of continuous delivery relies upon automation and in recent years the automation of building and testing software has become commonplace. But it is comparatively difficult to automate the deployment and monitoring of an application. Weave Cloud fixes this problem.

Weave Flux is a tool that automates the deployment of containers to Kubernetes. It fills the automation void that exists between building and monitoring.

Automated git->cluster synchronisation

Flux's main feature is the automated synchronisation between a version control repository and a cluster. If you make any changes to your repository, those changes are automatically deployed to your cluster.

This is a simple, but dramatic improvement on current state of the art.

  • All configuration is stored within version control and is inherently up to date. At any point anyone could completely recreate the cluster in exactly the same state.
  • Changes to the cluster are immediately visible to all interested parties.
  • During a postmortem, the git log provides the perfect history for an audit.
  • End to end, code to production pipelines become not only possible, but easy.

Automated deployment of new container images

Another feature is the automated deployment of containers. It will continuously monitor a range of container registries and deploy new versions where applicable.

This is really useful for keeping the repository and therefore the cluster up to date. It allows separate teams to have their own deployment pipelines then Flux is able to see the new image and update the cluster accordingly.

This feature can be disabled and images can be locked to a specific version.

Integrations with other devops tools

One final high level feature is that Flux increases visibility of your application. It provides an audit history for your deployments and Slack integration for "ChatOps" style development.

Clear visibility of the state of a cluster is key for maintaining operational systems. Developers can be confident in their changes by observing a predictable series of deployment events.


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