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package config
import (
log ""
// Volume is a volume that can be attached to a Machine.
type Volume struct {
// Type is the volume type. One of "bind" or "volume".
Type string `json:"type"`
// Source is the volume source.
// With type=bind, the volume source is a directory or a file in the host
// filesystem.
// With type=volume, source is either the name of a docker volume or "" for
// anonymous volumes.
Source string `json:"source"`
// Destination is the mount point inside the container.
Destination string `json:"destination"`
// ReadOnly specifies if the volume should be read-only or not.
ReadOnly bool `json:"readOnly"`
// PortMapping describes mapping a port from the machine onto the host.
type PortMapping struct {
// Protocol is the layer 4 protocol for this mapping. One of "tcp" or "udp".
// Defaults to "tcp".
Protocol string `json:"protocol,omitempty"`
// Address is the host address to bind to. Defaults to "".
Address string `json:"address,omitempty"`
// HostPort is the base host port to map the containers ports to. As we
// configure a number of machine replicas, each machine will use HostPort+i
// where i is between 0 and N-1, N being the number of machine replicas. If 0,
// a local port will be automatically allocated.
HostPort uint16 `json:"hostPort,omitempty"`
// ContainerPort is the container port to map.
ContainerPort uint16 `json:"containerPort"`
// Machine is the machine configuration.
type Machine struct {
// Name is the machine name. This is a format string with %d as the machine
// index, a number between 0 and N-1, N being the number of machines in the
// cluster. This name will also be used as the machine hostname. Defaults to
// "node%d".
Name string `json:"name"`
// Image is the container image to use for this machine.
Image string `json:"image"`
// Privileged controls whether to start the Machine as a privileged container
// or not. Defaults to false.
Privileged bool `json:"privileged,omitempty"`
// Volumes is the list of volumes attached to this machine.
Volumes []Volume `json:"volumes,omitempty"`
// Networks is the list of user-defined docker networks this machine is
// attached to. These networks have to be created manually before creating the
// containers via "docker network create mynetwork"
Networks []string `json:"networks,omitempty"`
// PortMappings is the list of ports to expose to the host.
PortMappings []PortMapping `json:"portMappings,omitempty"`
// Cmd is a cmd which will be run in the container.
Cmd string `json:"cmd,omitempty"`
// validate checks basic rules for Machine's fields
func (conf Machine) validate() error {
validName := strings.Contains(conf.Name, "%d")
if validName != true {
log.Warnf("Machine conf validation: machine name %v is not valid, it should contains %%d", conf.Name)
return fmt.Errorf("Machine configuration not valid")
return nil
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