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Weave Scope at Hacktoberfest 2018


The Scope community is happy and proud to participate in Hacktoberfest 2018. We believe in Open Source and that contributing should be fun, give you the opportunity to learn something new and that it's generally a good way to get to know other fellow contributors.

What is Scope

Map you architecture Focus on a single container Launch a command line.

Weave Scope is a tool to understand your cluster or set of containers better. It makes it very straight-forward to debug and troubleshoot things. Network connections, container information, resource consumption and more is very easily available.

Scope is open source, has been pulled from Docker over 400M times and is used in a variety of different scenarios. Your contribution is going to benefit a lot of people.


We have written up a short document which explains how to get started working on Scope. It also has instructions on how to build scope, how to run tests and how to get changes merged.

It also explains how to get in touch with the rest of the Scope developers. There you can ask all the questions you might have and we're happy to give a hand if you get stuck.

Our issue list

You are obviously free to work on any issue in Scope you find, but we went through most of them and curated a list especially for curated a list especially for Hacktoberfest.

Get started

If you feel like contributing to Scope, that's great! Here's a few things we suggest you do to get started:

  1. Familiarise you with what Scope does.
  2. Download it and play around with it.
  3. Review the list of Hacktoberfest issues (feel free to pick any others too) and see if there's anything you'd be interested in fixing.
  4. Read the issue carefully and see if it makes sense to you.
  5. Joins us on Slack, let us know what you'd like to work on and ask if you have questions. We're happy to help you get started.
  6. When everything's clear, mention on the issue that you're starting to work on a fix.
  7. Check the contributors doc to get you set up for proposing the fix.

We are grateful for all feedback, like commenting on an issue, or creating a new one if you encounter a bug for example ... even if it doesn't count towards your 5 Hacktoberfest patches. :-)

We are looking forward to getting to know you and welcome a new face to our community!

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