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Weave GitOps' Terraform Controller

OpenSSF Best Practices

Weave GitOps' Terraform Controller (aka Weave TF-Controller) is a controller for Flux to reconcile Terraform resources in the GitOps way. With the power of Flux together with Terraform, TF-controller allows you to GitOps-ify infrastructure, and application resources, in the Kubernetes and Terraform universe, at your own pace.

"At your own pace" means you don't need to GitOps-ify everything at once.

TF-controller offers many GitOps models:

  1. GitOps Automation Model: GitOps your Terraform resources from the provision steps to the enforcement steps, like a whole EKS cluster.
  2. Hybrid GitOps Automation Model: GitOps parts of your existing infrastructure resources. For example, you have an existing EKS cluster. You can choose to GitOps only its nodegroup, or its security group.
  3. State Enforcement Model: You have a TFSTATE file, and you'd like to use GitOps enforce it, without changing anything else.
  4. Drift Detection Model: You have a TFSTATE file, and you'd like to use GitOps just for drift detection, so you can decide to do things later when a drift occurs.

Get in touch

If you have a feature request to share or a bug to report, please file an issue. You can also reach out via our TF-Controller Slack channel — get there by first joining the Weave Community Slack space.

Quickstart and documentation

To get started check out this guide on how to GitOps your Terraform resources with TF-controller and Flux.

Check out the documentation and use cases.


Q3 2023

  • Enhanced security (the lockdown mode)
  • Write back and show plan in PRs (Atlantis-like experience)
  • CLI to GitOpsify existing Terraform workflows (UX improvement for CLI)
  • Type safety for custom backends

Q4 2023

  • Improvement GitOps dependency management
  • External drift detector
  • Cloud cost estimation

Q1 2024

  • Observability - logging from the different stages of the runner
  • v1alpha3 API
  • Azure package for TF-controller (e.g. AKS, CosmosDB, etc.)
  • GCP package for TF-controller (e.g. GKE, CloudSQL, etc.)
  • ARM64 & Gravitron support

Q2 2024

  • v1beta1 API (stabilization)

Q3 2024

  • v1beta2 API