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Developed by Keita Tsukamoto and Yuta Maezawa

What's AutoPUT?

AutoPUT is an automated tool for retrofitting your closed unit tests into parameterized unit tests.

How to Use

Set up

Clone our repository and compile AutoPUT.

 $ cd workspace
 $ git clone
 $ cd AutoPUT
 $ mvn compile test-compile dependency:copy-dependencies

Then, make output and subjects directories under the AutoPUT. And, clone subject projects you would like to parameterize unit tests to subjects/.

 $ cd AutoPUT
 $ mkdir output
 $ mkdir subjects
 $ cd subjects
 $ git clone


We provide a script for one-line-command. You can use AutoPUT with ease as below.

  1. For detecting CUTs to be parameterized.

    $ cd AutoPUT
    $ sh/run ${SUBJECT} detect
  2. For generating PUTs corresponding to detected CUTs.

    $ cd AutoPUT
    $ sh/run ${SUBJECT} generate
  3. For checking generated PUTs satisfy two requirements R1 and R2.

    $ cd AutoPUT
    $ sh/run ${SUBJECT} requirement


Keita Tsukamoto, Yuta Maezawa and Shinichi Honiden “AutoPUT: An Automated Technique for Retrofitting Closed Unit Tests into Parameterized Unit Tests”, In Proceedings of the 33rd ACM/SIGAPP Symposium on Applied Computing (SAC’18)