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Ionic - Performance Analysis

This repository is for analyzing the rendering performance of various versions and components of the ionic framework using browser-perf.

View results at

Running the tests

  1. Download and install CouchDB and Selenium.
  2. Clone the repository and install all dependencies npm install
  3. Run node index.js.
  4. All tests are run against selenium running at http://localhost:4444/wd/hub and results are stored in a CouchDB server at http://localhost:5984/<package-name>. To change any of these, edit the index.js file appropriately.

Run node index.js --help to view other options to run the tests. Test can be run against specific versions and specific components.

How does it work ?

This repository runs scroll tests on each component of framework. It creates a simple HTML file for each component, where each component is repeated 200 times. This webpage is opened in a browser and the page is scrolled to see the impact of CSS/JS by the Framework. Look at browser-perf for more information about the tests, and perfjankie to see how the UI/Graphs are plotted.

_ Inspired by the awesome perf done in the repository. Trying to do the same thing for bootstrap _