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Goolge Cloud Storage

Note: to apply the all permissive CORS policy to a new bucket, run: gsutil cors set util/gs-cors.json gs://[BUCKET]

Here are the buckets used by this project. Most of them have a *-staging counterpart for the wptdashboard-staging project.


This is a publicly readable bucket (with an all-permissive CORS policy) that serves the test results on The bucket has result summary files and results for individual tests for each test run. Generally, you shouldn't directly consume this bucket. Please see the wptd-results bucket below if you want to fetch the raw results.

The directory schema is roughly:

  • [SHA] (full or short)
    • [product-id]-summary.json.gz
    • [product-id]
      • Split JSONs with the same directory hierarchy as tests in WPT...

(See wptd-results for the definition of [product-id].)


This is a publicly readable bucket (with an all-permissive CORS policy) that contains full raw results (wptreport.json generated by wpt run). The frontend currently doesn't serve files from this bucket, but various APIs return raw_results_url pointing to this bucket.

The directory schema is roughly:

  • [Full SHA]
    • [product-id]
      • report.json


  • [product-id] := [browser]-[version]-[os]{-[os_version]}{-[checksum]}
  • [browser] := {chrome, edge, firefox, safari, …}
  • [version], a version string, preferably output by browser-binary --version, with anything other than [A-Za-z0-9_.-] replaced by underscores (e.g. "61.0a1", "68.0.3409.2_dev")
  • [os] := {linux, windows, macos, android, ios}
  • [os_version], a version string similarly sanitized as [version]
  • [checksum], some checksum of the wptreport.json served as a UID to differentiate multiple runs of the same version of a browser at the same sha; currently, it's a prefix of the SHA1 of the report.

Users who want to fetch the raw history results should not try to construct the URL themselves, as [product-id] has many optional parts and even a checksum. Instead, please use the APIs to query test runs and download the raw_results_url of the test runs.